Enchanted Box ft Prairie Charms


Prairie Charms Enchanted Box. 

I'm always excited at the thought of this box arriving, normally because I feel like I've been waiting forever and a day. After a long day at work I'd arrived home to find this little beauty waiting for me and there was no holding back when it came to the unboxing. Prairie Charms stock the most gorgeous set of accessories, jewellery, hair pieces and so many more. Working on there boxes they always concentrate on adding pieces to make the box more personal to said person and adding more unique pieces which you can usually find online. 

Merida Candy Skull Wax Melts
Quiet simply fell in love as I saw these. Skulls just release the inner rock-chic in me, while the scent of gingerbread makes me all excited for this winter season. Sadly I don't have a wax/candle thingy-ma-bob...so I'm going to have to invest in one of these soon so I can melt these during December. The scent from the melts isn't too overpowering, so while you can smell the gingerbread you're not chocked by it? Which makes me wonder how nicely the scent will be when actually used. 

Hazel Custom Knot Tie Pack
With every box I've received so far I've gotten a pack of knot ties. Each time they're always perfect for the upcoming season. I must say I'm in love with these colours, but I wish they were a little closer to autumn/winter shades. Maybe a deep purple, or even an orange or red. I LOVE the printed ones, the deer and the golden hearts are a particular favourite from the whole box, the colours almost screen summer to me though. 

Rosalie Quote Card
This time a year ago I'd just finished decorating my bedroom, knowing I didn't have the full budget to go all out I never felt that my room was exactly complete. So when this beautiful little quote card arrived on my doorstep I knew this would be perfect to frame and add to my room. 

Luna Leatherette Hair Bow
With my change in hair cut lately, I've been really looking forward to finding new ways of styling my hair. I find this bow absolutely adorable!? Preferably wish it wasn't PINK as I feel it would clash with the colours of winter. I'm still in love and know I'll be wearing this more once I find the perfect style for it...any suggestions are welcome?

Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet
This is one of the first pieces I spotted when I opened this box and have been wearing it practically ever since. Something about it is so simple and elegant, but I feel like a little rebel as the name suggests - it's evil!? I even think many of my friends would love this and wish I could get one for everyone.

Star Necklace
I'm in LOVE with this little necklace. When this box arrived it came with the cutest little handwritten card from the company, and alongside my cute little note was a little 'P.S' to say that they'd switched my Wand Necklace to this Star Droplet one instead. While I've seen the necklace on other people's blog posts and find it so cute, I love how I was given something a little different. Each people does get almost identical products with this box, just some products are given in a few colour variations, so having something different definitely made this box feel very unique to me. 

Solace Midi Ring
A little different to the styles of previous midi rings I've seen, actually completely different. I've never seen a ring created in a chain style way and I find that fascinating. I also love the little touch with the delicate heart and it fits perfectly onto my fingers, which just add that little bit of something to my style. 

Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo
My least favourite product from the box is this. I feel that it's very childlike design and I just can't see myself wearing this at any particular time in the future. Though I do love the colour and the sparkles of the glitter! 

Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap
I've not owned a Knot Wrap before, especially not a velvet one. While the colour isn't a particular favourite again I'm still happy to have received this. It works perfect to brush my hair out of my face when applying makeup and removing makeup...and what girl will complain about that? 

The Sweet Hostess Sugar Swizzle Sticks
Just like the previous box this isn't all about 'beauty' products. While with the previous box I received a few more sweet-style products, this was definitely the nicest! You can either just eat this from it's stick or pop it into a drink to add a flavouring. Unfortunately I WAS going to try both ways, but once I'd gotten the taste for this sweet I couldn't stop myself and before I knew it the whole stick was eaten, oops?

And there you have it, the Enchanted box for this November. While I think the colours of purple and pink go well with the box name. I felt that this could've been made a more autumnal 'enchanted' box, With more winter colours and different variations with winter approaching. I definitely feel like some of these products will stay packed away until Spring arrives next year.

Now I'm extremely excited for the christmas box, especially since we got to help design this months box. So keep an eye out because I'm sure as soon as the box arrives, a post will be written! 


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