Lush Haul ft Halloween & Christmas Range.


Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 

I had a mild panic last week when I thought I wouldn't get to Lush in time to pick up the new range, crazy I know. Halloween products was in store till the end of October & Christmas till the end of December, but last year I picked bits up barely days after the release! Anyway that doesn't matter, I had a spare hour or two before work last week and picked up some old favourites and some new treats. I haven't used all the products yet, so I'm going to do a little first impressions review. 

nightwing - Admittedly this is the only product I picked up from the Halloween range & honestly I'll be sad when it runs out...I wish I'd picked up a few more to last me the year. I first tried shower jellies this time last year and fell in love with them, for the fun of the jelly but also the scents of them all are amazing! I'm a little disappointed how easily they seem to fall apart, but we'll ignore that for now. Nightwing, for me doesn't shout Halloween as such but the scent is gorgeous! Before reading the ingredients I couldn't really pin point the scent, a mix between sweeties & coca cola were my first guesses. When in fact this scent is fruit pastilles, oh so yum. It lathers up really well & the smell is so powerful when being used, finally the fact it's in the shape of a bat is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. 

the magic of christmas - I've not been in love with a scent as much as I am with this one. If anything can describe the smell of christmas, it's this!! The smell also reminds me of every christmas Yankee Candle. This is a re-usable bubble bar, with scents of cinnamon, almond oil & orange, it's literally perfect. It's weird how the colour orange normally makes me think Halloween but the mix of orange, glitter, red and the little bell just make it the cutest christmas treat. I'm yet to get the bubble bar into the bath as I'm worried the scent won't be as powerful once in the bath and the magic will be a little lost. 

cinders - I think I fell in love with this bath bomb for two reasons, 1) cinders - cinderella (duh!). 2) it smells just like the magic of christmas bubble bar. With that I mean, the exact same scent...just it's got a softer touch to it and with added popping candy which I wonder what will be like in the bath. 

star dust - I found the simplicity of this bath bomb adorable. The softest vanilla scent just makes me fall in love instantly. Vanilla is like my downfall, I just can't help myself but pick up things with the vanilla scent. I mean, who's disagreeing with me? I also realise it's Vegan which I know to many people is an important thing. I can't wait to use this after a long days work & just needing that quiet relaxing time to myself, it doesn't seem over the top and to me that welcomes a calming vibe to it. 

snow fairy - Now, now, now, we've got to the best bit. As excited as I know everyone is for the festive launch, I know I'm not the only one who's buzzing with excitement to welcome back snow fairy. Thankfully I stocked up last winter and I kept a bottle for those desperate days but that didn't stop me from picking up a 250g bottle. Honestly, the sweet candy scent of Snow Fairy isn't something I ever associated with Christmas, I'm more for the apple cinnamon and the spices. Snow Fairy just has the sweetest smell that no one can really resist.

And there you have it, my short but sweet Lush haul. I originally went to order bits online from Lush last week but the order price of £40 was holding me back a bit, thankfully the following morning I had some free time in Birmingham before work & found myself sniffing everything in LUSH. Some scents I wanted to buy, I just didn't love enough and thankfully cut down that order of £40 & left the store with so many amazing bits having only spent £20, now that's lucky if you ask me!! 



  1. Im addicted to the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and always stock up at christmas. i do love snow fairy tho
    Carrieanne xx

    1. I used the Stars bath bomb while I was on holiday, it was the perfect mid-holiday relaxing treat...I need to pick up a few more before Christmas ends!!

      Sarah xo

  2. The only one I haven't tried yet is the Magic of Christmas bubble stick and I really like the scent of it! My favourite this year has to be YogNog bath bomb though, it smells so unique! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. I haven't been able to use that one either! I've used everything else just after I wrote the posts haha. Oooh, I must try the YogNog this year then!!

      Sarah xo


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