November Birchbox ft SKINNY DIP


November Birchbox ft Skinny Dip. 

I've really fall out of love with this subscription box, a sad and quiet confusing note to start on. However, I've been paying for this box subscription for the past 6 months and over the course of the months I've noticed the amount of products I haven't used and felt it was such a waste of money. I'm giving the box until the end of the year before I decide the scrap the payments all together. On the 5th of every month I still feel the excitement of knowing that a box will be arriving at my door and while delivery is always on time, I'm finding myself feeling disappointed once I've opened the box.

This month was almost no different, I do need to double check my other boxes but I felt that I've already received each of these items before. If not the exact problem, something definitely similar.

| THUMBS UP: Rosa Nail Wraps | £6.99 |
While nail wraps may excite other people, they'll barely last 5 minutes on mine. While the design is adorable, my nail biting habits are just too frequent at the moment for me to even consider trying these on. I'm also confused as to why I got such brightly coloured wraps when its november, gimme something red or green...give me those autumn/winter colours instead!!

| NUMBER 4: Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect | £20 |
One of the many products I think I've already received? Just you're average heat protector spray. I've not felt as though this has made much difference to my hair and I'm pretty sure once you've tried one heat protector, you've tried them all? 

| BEAUTY PROTECTOR: Beauty Cream Body Lotion | £8 | 
Now this, I've definitely already got 3 bottles of. While the bottle is only small and if you like the product, receiving this time and time again may be a god send to some point. Myself on the otherhand, I've barely used the other bottles. I tried it the other day and while the scent is beautiful and the lasting power was pretty amazing, I feel as though my 'birchbox exclusive' product could've been something a little different. [but thats my personal preference]. 

| ABSOLUTION: La Creme de Teint | £35 | 
I THINK, this is a moisturiser but not? Maybe a BB Cream? While the colour perfectly matches my skin tone, I haven't given this a chance yet. Lately I've noticed how no makeup is giving me full coverage anyway, so I may as well switch up my routine and give this a try...I'll keep you posted!? 

| LORD & BERRY: Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner | £9 | 
I got extremely excited at the sight of this little product!! I've never tried Lord & Berry but I've always wanted too. Unfortunately I haven't used this product yet, I'd rather use the colour on my eyes as white widen's the eyes. But I've not owned a white liner before so I'm excited to see what way I use it and how it'll look. 

| TRILOGY: Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm | £19.50 | 
I'll admit when I first saw this product, I wasn't that impressed! We hear all the time about products that help clear away makeup. But I must say, it's bloody brilliant!? I use micellar water to remove the bulk of my makeup and use a few lush products too. Sometimes I'm a little too lazy to use all my products so using this with the micellar water instead of the two lush products actually saves a bit of time, so I can climb straight into bed!! 

And there you have it, this month's Birchbox. Clearly not overly impressed but I'll continue to use the products and digging out the old products from previous boxes and give the box until the end of December before making my final decision.

Are you a fan of subscription boxes? Which is your favourite? Should I try that instead? 



  1. I absolutely love the actual Birchbox and I think it'd look super cool on my desk. But the products aren't really what I expected. I expected way more from a Skinny Dip collab! :( xx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Oh definitely! I still get the happiest when the box arrives...YES, I can't see how it's a skinny dip collab..hmm, but I'm sure this happens with every collab?!

      Sarah xo

  2. I feel exactly the same as you with Birchbox. This month was a bit weird too, I mean, what's all those shells about? It feels like it's a summery edition rather than November. I didn't like any of the products this month either. As my extra I had a hair bobble! This month was so disappointing! Let's hope the December one is better!

    Montse ¦ BEAUTEUR


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