Winter Nails.


Winter Nails

Who knew the girl with the terrible nail biting habit would be writing a post all about nail polishes, I know I'm concerned myself, anyhow I've been really restrained recently and my nails are in considerably good condition and with that I'm really into putting some paint onto them. My stash honestly consists of these few darker and the odd golden shades while the rest of the hideous neon colours which I thought would suit me a few years ago, terrible. As I've already admitted I'm an obsessive nail biter so polish doesn't stay too long. Majority of these colours have been part of gift sets I've purchases at the Birmingham Clothes Show & others were simply £1 from Primark. That being said, there really isn't too much point be putting too much money into purchasing nail polishes when they last less than 48 hours.

It could be the christmassy colours and the festive feel from the gold specs but something about these shades fill me with that little bit of joy & happiness. The colours will easily work all year round and if I purchase more of these shades then I possibly will continue to wear them throughout 2016. Burgundy in particular is my favourite shade during A/W purely as it reminds me of christmas and all my favourite christmas films. I'm happy that my love for nail polishes comes around at this time of year, I feel as though I'm dressing up my nails. Adding that christmas glitter to everything always works wonders doesn't it.

While I've been a little on and off the radar when it's comes to the blogging community lately. I've decided that I'm going to end 2015 on a good note. Things have held me back this year, opportunities are coming my way and I've decided to make some drastic changes to my blog. So please keep an eye out for everything changing in the next few weeks. And with that I've also decided I'll be participating in Blogmas, posts are going round my head and I'm going to attempt to up my game with these posts. For now, it's a windy tuesday afternoon, I'm sat thinking about all things Christmas while sat in my christmas jumper...when in fact it's time to get ready for work.
Hope you're all well. 



  1. I'm exactly the same, gold speckles and warm colours get me all in the christmassy spirit!

    Jen | Jennifer's Journal x

    1. I have a feel we won't be the only ones either! Looks like a little christmas party on my nails hehe

      Sarah xo

  2. Love the Models Own nail vanish colours, and they can take you into the new year! How exciting you have got back into your blogging again, look forward to seeing your posts
    Joey x

    1. Oh definitely! These are never just for winter wear, I actually wear majority of these colours all year long!?

      Sarah xo


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