Disneyland Paris: Day Three


Disneyland Paris: Day Three 

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We've been home over a month now and I'm still missing this beautiful place!? We'd had such hectic days on Tuesday & Wednesday that I wanted this day to be a little more relaxed. It's amazing how much of the Parks you can see in just one day, already we'd seen both Parks, been on majority of the rides and watched both the Parade and Disney Dreams, so I felt that day three should be a little simpler. My anxiety had gotten really tough the night before so this was much needed, I packed a little bag with only my purse, phone and digital camera at the ready. 

We were awake again by 7am, had breakfast and caught extra magic hours before 10am. We'd arrived in the Studios just after 8am and I decided we needed to ride Ratatouille, I'd heard how terrible the queue time could be, so we decided to go as single riders and if you're going in the future, please do this! During extra magic hours this ride still had a wait time of 50 minutes, while single ride was only 5!? The 3D effect made this so much more magical, and I honestly LOVED this ride!! We also queued for RC Racer and rode The Tower of Terror & Aerosmith for the 100th time in the space of a few days. By this time the Disney Park was open and we ran over to the Peter Pan ride, again knowing that this was a busy ride too..we luckily only waited for 15 minutes for that one too!
We spent the morning in Fantasyland, wondering around the park and going on as many rides as possible. Once we'd been on each ride, we then went to each land and rode those rides too! Doing so meant getting many more photos for our PhotoPass.

Purely because I know we rode a fair few rides today, I'm going to list them rather than talk too much:

-Ratatouille: The Adventure
- RC Racer
-Toy Soldiers: Parachute Drop
- Peter Pans Flight
- Dumbo The Flying Elephant
- Les Voyages De Pinocchio
- Space Mountain: Mission 2
- Star Tours
-The Haunted Mansion
- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
-La Cabane Des Robinson

I think that was it for now. We did a little more wondering round and a little bit of shopping, after the last few hectic days we were shattered by this point so we went back to our hotel for a few hours and then back to the parks for a few more rides...which by the way, go on Tower of Terror in the evening, the lights from the park are just magical. We then went to Rainforest Cafe for our evening meal, which was amazing. The atmosphere was brilliant and totally worth going to, I was traditional Brit and had fish and chip, which I loved! While Tom had the mixed grill...can't say either of us were too adventurous with our choices!! 

We ended up having an incredibly lazy night and I think we were in bed before 11pm, I don't think either of us had considered how completely tiring this holiday would be! 
Next Friday will be my final post on this wonderful week away, if you'd like more posts from me please leave any Disney post suggestions. 



  1. I'd love to go to Disneyland, it has been on my radar for years but then there's always something that stops me.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. I'd been waiting to go for yearsssss! It was such an amazing time, I really hope you get the opportunity to see Disneyland for yourself soon :)

      Sarah xo

  2. Sounds like a brill day! I love Disney parks. Need to visit again! :) xo


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