Disneyland Paris: Day Two


Disneyland Paris: Day Two.

Our second day in France was a pre-paid, pre planned day out sight-seeing Paris. I'd been to France before but neither of us had seen Paris, so when we planned our trip and booked an excursion with the rest of our holiday. Another early start for breakfast and we were in Paris before 11am.

We met a big group of people at the Disney New York hotel in the morning and the coach picked us up around 9:45am. Once we'd gotten into central Paris, we popped in our headphones and drove past all the major sights and heard some history about each place. Sadly the coach drove past just too quickly and I didn't get to take in the sights as much as I'd hoped. The Notre Dame Cathedral was what I wanted to see most and I practically missed it's beauty, I was lucky to get one photo. I'd had a little strop on the coach from missing everything, so once we'd arrived at the Louvre, I was bursting with excitement to get wondering. We had 90 minutes free time to wonder round and grab lunch. As we were close to the Louvre Museum we wondered round and took a few photos of the surrounding areas before being typically British and finding a McDonalds for lunch.

Lunch eaten and headed back to meet the rest of the coach. We then headed towards the Eiffel Tower, just opposite the tower is a cruise tour. Thankfully this was already part of our package so I didn't feel that I wasted money, but I certainly wouldn't of paid for that trip. While we got to learn more about the beauty that is Paris, you couldn't see much so it didn't feel much like a tour? An hour later we were off the boat and it was finally time to see the Eiffel Tower. We travelled up to the second floor of the tower, heights aren't my things but this was a beautiful thing to do. Little nervous near the edge but my gosh, I was obsessed with the view. Paris was truly gorgeous.

We'd got back to Disney by 7pm and waiting a little while to get some food. This is kind of where to day went a little down hill. Where I had a bit of sickness, crying and a slight panic attack, yippee me! I still feel slightly embarrassed that I cried in the middle of Annette's Diner and I never got to enjoy my burger and I didn't get to have a chocolate milkshake like I'd been craving. 


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