Festive Favourites On Netflix.


Festive Favourite On Netflix.

With the official countdown to christmas started, my festive spirit has burst and I can't hold it in any longer. It's time to decorate my house, bedroom included. Christmas songs will be on loop, hot chocolate at the ready and all my festive favourite films will be perfect to watch when I climb into bed. I'm shaking with excitement thinking about it! I have many favourite christmas films, some I can only watch if I'm naughty and find them online. I can't find them on DVD and only played occasionally on the sky movies channel, but I'll mention those a little more later on. Instead I got thinking how EVERYONE has access to Netflix, and to share with you my top christmas choices but while writing this post, I soon found out that Netflix has removed and replaced some of my previous favourites, HOW RUDE!?

I'm a little obsessed with the Hallmark Channel christmas films, sadly they aren't really shown on UK tv, so you have to really search to find them and usually Netflix is the place for those. Some of those favourites being; Holiday in Handcuffs - Christmas in Boston - Christmas Cupid - Eve's Christmas - Let it Snow. Honestly, if you find a way of watching these, please do. They'll fill your little heart with christmas joy.

With those favourite's spoken about, let's move on to the Christmas films that will be shown on Netflix; 

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas. (trailer)
This is for the inner child in me, the part of me that's never grown up! When I was younger we had this Disney movie on VHS and played it on repeat around christmas. It's 3 magical stories from Donald Duck, Max & Goofy and Mickey & Minnie Mouse. I watched this on November 30th because I just couldn't wait! I'm pretty sure I smiled the whole way through this film, only an hour long, sharing stories for the meaning to Christmas and just lots of disney fun and cuteness!? 
Home Alone & Home Alone 2. (trailer 1 - trailer 2)
Let's be honest, if you were a child in the 90's this was the classic film for you. This film gives me so much christmas joy, as a family we've watched these more time than I can remember, especially the week before christmas, we even did this last year. It's like a christmas tradition in our house. My brother was in love with these films and they never get boring. And I'm sure you've all seen the film, so I don't need to say much else do I? 

3. It's A Wonderful Life (trailer)
My dad has always told me about his love for this film, we've had it as part of our DVD collection for years and some how I've never seen it. Last year, we grabbed some hot chocolate, had the christmas lights lighting up the room and watched It's a Wonderful Life together. And my, it's perfect and such a moving story of George Bailey and his life. Just watch it for that classic touch of christmas magic. 
4. The Santa Clause (trailer)
I know I've seen this film, I'm sure of it!! I just can't quiet remember it? I know for a fact I'll be watching it this year. It's just feels so festive and that classic christmas feeling that I LOVE!! I can see this quickly becoming my favourite film this month? What's more exciting that watching a man turn into Santa, hehe (or should I say hoho?) 
5. Jingle All The Way (trailer)
I hadn't watched this film before, but I watched this in November during a sick day and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed!? I found Jamie, the little boy, the cutest thing ever!! Definitely reminds me of the stress that is christmas shopping. Now I only have to shop for adult family member, I dread to think about the stress when it comes to shopping for children!! Maybe this film will scare me off for a few years?

Just a little post to share some films I'm desperate to watch this year and so so happy that I've found them on Netflix. On my next day off, it'll be pyjama day, hot chocolate and as many festive films as I can manager. Now if you also have access to US Netflix, they've got a few more of the Festive Favourites, so got have a nose and see what classics you'll be wanting to watch. 



  1. Ah darn I don't think I have paid my netflix this month I will have to get onto it as I am not feeling too festive lately and want to get into xmas ;) xxx


  2. The santa clause is my favourite movie ver for christmas! Great post :)


  3. I love the Mickey one! Its our inner Disney child haha x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave


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