Goodbye 2015, A Year in Reflection.



It's the end of the year and it's the time when everybody reflects on the ups and downs of the year, and to say that this year has been a roller coaster year would be a definite understatement. So to say goodbye to this year, certainly excites me. And to see out the last 12 months, I thought I'd share a monthly reflection on the good and bad of the year. 

I certainly saw the new year in a way I've not seen it before, I worked!? A crazy concept I know, working in a nightclub meant that having this night off wasn't an option. I got see the new year in with my friends from work and it was kind of nice.

Since completing University, working in the nightclub became my first 'real' job. With help from my previous manager, I'd applied and gained a job at my local cinema. I'm so grateful for this job opportunity and proud of the confidence I've gained since working here. I talk to people in ways I didn't before, I have the courage to be loud and be myself, something I hadn't felt over the past few years. From February onwards [until september] I continued working both jobs, working both day and nights was completely tiring but a commitment I'm proud of. Away from work and still finding time for a social life, this month marked three years with Tom, I just hope he knows how much I love him. 

After weeks of arranging I spent the beginning of March in Nottingham eating yummy burgers and lots of shopping with some of the best girls I know, my blogging friends. Sadly, two girls couldn't make it on the day the rest of us missed them like crazy. Something I find very special about my relationship with Tom, is the fact we have birthdays day's apart from each other. This year I wanted to celebrate a little differently, and we spent the day in Liverpool. Once we arrived we had lunch at the Central Perk Cafe, lounging on the iconic yellow sofa watching episode of my favourite show was fantastic. This month also marked my fourteenth dance show with my dance school, I've made connections with girls who I now consider family and I love the time on stage we spent together. 

As far as I'm aware, April was extremely quite. I couldn't even tell you what I did. We got to spend some time as a family, as my brother has been living away from home for the past couple of months. Having him home and seeing my parents happy with him certainly put a smile on my face.

After booking tickets in November 2014, the day had arrived to see my favourite group.Yep, S CLUB 7!? I'd patiently waited since the age of 8/9 for this day to happen, and I don't think I can truly describe how happy I was on that evening. With the exciting, does come some sadness too. In May my best friend, Charlotte was moving to Germany for her job. While I'm incredibly proud of her, I miss her like crazy. Instead of having an emotional day before we left, we became kids for the day and had a full day of fun at Drayton Manor Theme Park. The end of May, I worked at Birmingham's Gay Pride. Tiring but also rewarding to be part of a fun weekend and to see happiness from so many people, after three years working this weekend, I wonder if I'll be working this in 2016? 

This very blog reach 1,000 followers this year. It's crazy and I'm so thankful to all the people who continue to show me support and read my little space online, a million thank-you's will always be sent your way. Thanks to my blog, I spent a rainy day in Sheffield at a meet-up hosted by some of my best friends, seeing these girls and meeting new people was a fabulous way to spend my weekend. When summer finally started to arrive, Tom treated me to a day at the Zoo. We went out for breakfast and spent the day seeing the beautiful animals. Oh, how I love day's out during summer. I was Team Member of the Month at work, something so small to many, but a great achievement to me, yipee! 

This month feels particular quiet too, but when looking back I spent so many days out not only with friends but with family too! My parents celebrated 26 years of marriage. I spent an evening of drunkness with some of my best friends from college and got to know a girl who I now consider a best friend. Making friends at work is ultimately important, but throughout summer myself and Laura became closer and I definitely need her in my life. July also saw me and Tom booking our first holiday together, now to wait patiently for November... 

While we'd just booked our first holiday away, we were going away to Cornwall with my family this month. Spending time with my family was a little tough from time to time, but overall the week away was beautiful! We went to board-masters festival and watched Bastille, myself and some of my family members zip-wired over Eden Project (AMAZING) and we ate a gorgeous meal at the Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant. Summer continued to be good to me, I spent nights out with work friends and ate some tasty meals with my closest friends. 

September involved lots of work, many hours spent at the cinema, not only working but I treated my family to a day at the cinema for my dad's birthday and watched many other films that were out at the time. I'd taken a break from my first job for a few weeks and went back from one weekend in September, which is where I met Sandy and Sandra from Goggle-box. Truly hilarious ladies.

I spent many-many evening's with friends this month. Going out for meals, having drinks and generally catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. I also took the plunge in October and chopped off my hair, from split-ends and unloved to a healthy long bob. Sadly, my whole world came crashing down in October. Our family dog Paddy, became ill one evening and sadly passed away only hour afterwards. It makes me tearful to even think about it, how quickly we lost him. It breaks my heart and I hope he knows how much he's missed. Oh to have a snuggle from him just one last time would be wonderful. Miss you boy.

With the heartache very much still present, it was time for a much happier time. Something I'd been looking forward to since the summer. Disneyland Paris had finally arrived. It was safe to say we had the most magical time, I'm desperate to go again some time soon! We ate way too much food, spent a little too much money on treats and rode the roller coasters...countless amounts of time.
December's been a whirlwind of a month, many feelings which are very personal to me so I won't go into that. I've visited Chester with some close friends, went to my work's christmas party (I bloody love that lot) and everything festive was celebrated. My brother turned 21 on Christmas Eve, so I took him and my family to watch Star Wars, a family tradition we did when he was younger. Christmas day felt very average to me, and we re-did Christmas on Boxing Day and watch Disney films. 
I've done some fantastic things this year, I've been on my first holiday in years, my first holiday with my boyfriend. I got a new job and met some of the best people in my life. Personal things have definitely taken their toll this year and as this year comes to a close, I'll remember the good memories and say goodbye to the bad. 
I hope you all had an amazing 2015, that 2016 is just as perfect and enjoy any celebrations you have to see in the new year - xo 



  1. What a great post idea, glad things are going upwards for you and may you have the best 2016!

    Parie x

    1. Thanks so so much :) I hope you have a fabulous 2016!?
      Happy New Year

      Sarah xo

  2. I loved reading this post - I'm too nosy for my own good! Sounds like a fab year, wishing you all the best in 2016!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. Thank you! It's always fun to be nosey haha.
      And you, have a fab 2016! Happy New Year.

      Sarah xo


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