Seasonal Flowers by Appleyard London.


See The Stars - Seasonal Flowers by Appleyard London
See The Stars - Seasonal Flowers by Appleyard London
See The Stars - Seasonal Flowers by Appleyard London
See The Stars - Seasonal Flowers by Appleyard London
See The Stars - Seasonal Flowers by Appleyard London

Pretty Little Flowers; Appleyard London. 


Flowers are the most beautiful and delicate things. Gifted to many daily, for many occasions and well wishes or simply to put a smile on a loved ones face. Flowers have always reminded me of spring/summer, so when I was approached by APPLEYARD LONDON to receive flowers during this autumn/winter season, I simply couldn't resist. Surprisingly a few years ago I worked alongside a woman and learnt wonderful things about flower arranging. And while I still have much to learn, being approached by Appleyard bought back those memories and rekindled my love for flowers. 

I was approached by Appleyard in the middle of October and arranged my flower delivery for November 9th. Although arriving perfectly packaged and on time, many were already bloomed once I'd opened the box and died within the first few days. My boutique PEACH PARFAIT*, had a gorgeous mix of colours and flowers that gave the boutique a certain 'all seasons' feel to them. I chose these as they were a little different to the others and I was in desperate need of some colour in my life. Combining pastel colours of summer with the peach Vuzuela Roses, Lilac Memory Lane Roses and Blue Veronica's, with the colours of winter in the Red Alstroemeria. Sadly I found that my flowers barely lasted a week, was my only concern to mention. Though if I'd have paid £51 for them, I wouldn't have been happy at all! Delivery was perfect, there website is easy to navigate and such a beautiful mix of colours, I just wish they'd all lasted a little longer. 

Looking back I wish I'd picked a boutique with more winter colours, however these arrived in perfect time. I'd returned home from my first shift back after my holiday and my whole family needed a little pick me up through these colourful flowers. Just a few weeks beforehand our beloved family dog passed away and when receiving these our hearts were still filled with a lot of heartache and sorrow. These certainly added a little brightness and a smile to the house. If not for everyone else, it certainly did for me. 

I'm certainly impressed with Appleyard London and have been given a code as a gift from me to you. Simply use the code "BLOG33" and you'll get 33% off your order from there beautiful selection of flowers. 
(this excludes there flowers by post range)

Please let me know if you make an order, I'd love to hear which you choose. 

*I was kindly sent these flowers in return for this post, all thoughts are 100% my own* 


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