Styling Short Hair.


Styling Short Hair. 

Well over a month ago now I finally did something I've been contemplating for a while. I got my hair cut! I chopped it off, the hair I'd been growing for over two years, I just got rid of. I haven't actually revealed the hairstyle on my blog like I originally thought I would, though if you're an avid reader you may remember my post a few months ago where I share the style inspiration behind the new cut, here.

I'm going to be making today's post short and sweet as I'm currently typing away instead of getting ready for a morning of hectic christmas shopping, in the hope to have my presents all brought today. When I originally thought of this post, I thought I'd really experimented with my hair since it's new style, but it's not really changed. So instead I'm sharing you the ways I wear my recent 'long-bob' cut. My hair is naturally quiet flat and straight, therefor my everyday hair style is usually very similar to that, an easy and I've got to get out the door style. This isn't my favourite way to style my hair, so to pop some more volume to my hair, I'll add some beach waves or even bouncy curls, doing this add so much to my hair. I weirdly feel so comfortable and confident with this hair style, I just wish this was something my hair did naturally...that would totally take 20 minutes off my time in the morning!? My final and quiet regular hair style is the ever so popular, half up/half down, top-knot! I'm literally obsessed. This gets the bits of hair out of my face, while still leaving some of my hair down to show it's style. This is perfect for me as I HATE wearing my hair up, pulling my hair back and leaving the size of my head a little too exposed!! 

I'm still getting used to this length and I do want to experiment a little more. Adding some more colour soon, popping a few more accessories to make it a little cuter and all the little bits like that, so any suggestions please throw my way?



  1. When I cut my hair I was totally stuck too but I love the natural curl look and half up and down, Also you can still get it to pin/go back and have a nice updo but really I am useless haha xxx


  2. YES! All the yeses to this post! Short hair is just too tricky to style. I love the second look the most, very pretty.

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! I love the way you've styled it, it looks so effortless and chic xo

  4. I've just had my hair cut shorter so this post is really helpful. Great photos too :).

    Christie x

  5. Your hair looks so lovely - I also cut my hair short earlier this year and I love it, really lovely post!

    Lucy |


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