Winter Lip Choices.


Winter Lip Choices.

I've loved all the colours when it comes to lip colours, I may not have the biggest collection in the world. Larger than most people I know personally, but I know the blogging world and I know a fair few bloggers potentially have a collection that reaches it's hundreds. Am I right?

Just a quick post today, as you can see over the colder months and in general actually. I'm obsessed with berrys, reds and nude lips. Since having my hair dyed a little lighter recently, I've noticed how well the dark colours contrast with my newly blonde hair. Which makes me quiet excited to get to the shops and grab some even darker shades. As you can see, burgundy and berry reds work best with me. I love combining the dark colour with just a simple eye look, effortlessly creating definition in my makeup, which potentially took me 5 minutes to do because I had to leave for work and I'd spend too much time watching Netflix instead of getting ready, yes? 

// mac craving // collection #3 // mac new york apple // bourjois nude-ist // 
// makeup revolution keep the planet spinning // l'oreal by blake // maybelline nude perfection// 

I don't think I'll ever be bored of these colours, I learnt a long time ago that pink doesn't suit me and red does. I've listed above the shades that I've included in this post, these are my absolute favourite and with the many in my collection these are my most used. Though, I love hearing peoples favourites, so give me some suggestions for new colours? 



  1. What beautiful colours, i definitely switch between reds and nudes in winter. My collection is no where near the size of some bloggers too xxx


    1. Thank you! I'm just so OBSESSED with red and nudes!?
      I almost wish I had the collection the size some people do haha

      Sarah xo

  2. MAC Craving looks gorgeous! I love MAC Faux at the moment x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Beauty & Stationary Giveaway

  3. Mac Craving looks stunning - I'm loving Mac Plumful and Mac Russian Red right now, gorgeous shades!

    Lucy |


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