5 Films For A Bad Day.


See The Stars - 5 films for a bad day
See The Stars - 5 films for a bad day


To say film is my life seems a little over exaggerated but to be totally honest, films really are my life. I work in a cinema, I'm constantly surrounded by the latest films, the up and coming trailers and overall just having the knowledge of films. I've also been an avid film viewer since I was 15 years old,  in fact, films are definitely the reason I now have a Degree in Media Studies. I've been stuck in a miserable place lately and I don't like it, films get me through those darker days and I wanted to share some of my favourites which I can watch repeatedly.

Now this is possibly every-ones favourite. A childhood favourite, Hilary Duff and heart throb Chad Micheal Murray...need I say more? Growing up with this film, I always prayed for a fairytale ending like this, ahh the teenage dream. I love the twist this film has on the disney classic Cinderella, it's hilarious and her dress, woah! I'm sure everyone's watched this film, so I won't say much more. 

Another film from my teen years, a little different to your normal romance film. John Tucker is a player of players and has 4 girlfriends, when they find out they do whatever they can to make him miserable and get their revenge. Some times it works and other times John Tucker is admired that much by his school friends that they aren't fazed one bit. I could watch this film on repeat, it's so easy going and all the cast make it hilarious.

I never watched this film when it was originally released, I know it's always been popular and so many girls were in love with this film and the friendship the girls share. I think I watched this for the first time at least 4 years after it's release. Both films follow a group of girls who've been friends from birth, they find a pair of jeans which fit each girl perfectly and they use the pants to stay connected and share there stories while the girls are all off doing different things when they've finished high school. I've always wished for a friendship like this and I love the relationship the girls have!

Ahhh finally a film NOT from 2005! Literally my favourite film, a British girl who was once a skate boarding champion who stops after heartbreaking reasons and finds works in the Ski Chalet's (I want to say, in Austria?) and meet a rich boy and his family. She's quick witted and hilarious. She forms relationships and friendships with the family she works for and predictably begins to snowboard on the mountains. Like most films it's quiet predictable but that's the reason I love it so much! It also stars Ed Westwick, and he's just beautiful!

When I was 10 my aunt decided I was old enough for more mature presents (y'know instead of toys and things) and she brought me the start of my DVD collection. Sweet Home Alabama was one of my first films (which wasn't animated or Disney). The film is possibly the most romantic films, following childhood sweethearts, you first see them at the age of 10? and they again in their 20s...the film connects the dots of what happened in between, their teen years, married life and where it all went wrong. It's got an amazing cast and the most adorable ending. If you haven't watched this, please, please do!

I've tried to keep the synopsis short and sweet, so you get the idea of the films without spoiling them for you. I'll admit all films are predictable and not to everyone's taste but when I'm feeling down or struggling with life, these films take me to my happy place. All my favourite films and all I've watched more times than I should possibly admit.

I'd love to know if you've watched these? Or what your favourite 'bad day' film is?


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  1. A Cinderella Story was so good!! I also loved the one with Selena Gomez was it? John Tucker Must Die was also a fab film - agh, I really need to start making a list of all the wonderful films that time makes me forget!

    Vee // veeosullivan.co.uk


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