50 Blogs to Read in 2016.


See The Stars - 50 blogs to read in 2016

50 Blogs To Read in 2016. 

I've been a terrible blogger this year, finding my balance between working, social life and blogging has been possibly my biggest torment, but I've kept at it and hoped one day I'd be amazing...still waiting on that to happen. One thing I know has been effected was my chances of sitting down for an hour or two to read blog posts. So in 2016 I want to find at least one hour in a day, or just a week to sit and read through peoples blog posts, and while doing that I wanted to share with you the 50 bloggers I know work extremely hard to blog and I want to take more time to read from there gorgeous blogs. 

Emmys Beauty Cave
All Things Beautiful 
 Dino's Beauty Diary
 Effstar Beauty
Perks of Being Ami 
Simple Abbi
Underland To Wonderland
thunder and threads
Flithy-Paws & Silky Drawers
Fine and Dandy
A Little Boat Sailing 
Sarah in Wonderland
Callie Rose
Rachel Nicole 
Mermaid in Disguise
Charmed Charlee
Colours & Carousel 
Sarah Smiles 
Geek Gets Glam 
Natalie's Beauty Base
Alice Rose
Tea Party Beauty
 Cocktails in Teacups
Cliona Hill  
Ellie's Ramblings
Emma Victoria Stokes
Hannah Heartss
Katie's World Of Beauty
Kat Horrocks
Unwritten Hollywood
Belles Moments
Very Berry Cosmo
Through Chelsea's Eyes
Bethany Worrall
Jess With Mind
Life of A Thinker 
Being Little
Pint Sized Beauty
Becky Bedbug

And, breathe! That's a-lot of bloggers! I love reading variety when it comes to my reading time, finding out new things about people, seeing beautiful photos of the places they've seen, stunning outfit posts and even general chit-chat. So I've tried to include a mix within this list, no-one was listed in any particular order. I've taken the time to comment on everyone's posts while creating this post, which commenting was something I wanted to do more of this year...I hope I've surprised a few of you by including your blog and I hope to continue reading your posts throughout the year. Making free time as much as I can to spread the love with you as you do for me. 

Who's your favourite blogger? What's your favourite thing to read about? 



  1. I love posts like these. I think I follow the majority but I adore scrolling through others blogs when I have a spare few minutes!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  2. Oh wow! Awesome list. Will be adding them all to bloglovin now. Thanks so much! X

    Madeleine, http://thedailymark.com.au


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