Freedom Makeup Haul


See The Stars - Freedom makeup haul
See The Stars - Freedom makeup haul
See The Stars - Freedom makeup haul
See The Stars - Freedom makeup haul
See The Stars - Freedom makeup haul


I did a naughty thing on boxing day, I got sucked into the sales! I know, I know. I'm ashamed of myself...but offers looked good and I wanted to treat myself as I hadn't for a while. I'm still waiting on a few bits, Lush bits to be precise. With that confession aside, these pieces weren't even part of the sale. I haven't tried Freedom make-up just yet and thought while I was burning a hole in my pocket, I may as well. 

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to lip shades, while I'm aware my collection isn't's pretty darn close. Just like their parent brand Makeup Revolution; Freedom is reasonably priced. So for £5, I picked up the VAMP COLLECTION which included these five shades. I already have many shades similar to these, majority which I purchased from Makeup Revolution. While I'm aware these are connected brands, I can't help but feel that these lipsticks have a much stronger formula. A smoother finish and a little longer wear time. While winter will soon be coming to an end, these dark shades will stay with me for the rest of the year. My particular favourite being, Dusk Til Dawn; it's a brighter shade of purple, a colour I haven't yet owned so I can't wait to see how this suits me. 

lipstick shades; L-R 

I'm extremely jealous of all the girls who pull off the most beautiful contours and to manage it practically every day, I take my hat off to you! When I came across this CONTOUR DUO STICK, I didn't give it a second thought. I thought that the stick would help with a more precise shape and I've been wanted to try the creamy formula after only using powders before. I've used this just once since it's arrival, I found that the highlighter didn't work great, either because of my skin tone or the formula. I ended up using the concealer stick I already had which worked out better. But the bronzed end, worked perfectly. I need to practice my blending skills just a tad more but this gave the right amount of sun-kissed effect and I must admit I felt I did a good job in the end, yippee! 

Now, what girl says no to an eyeshadow palette? With my purchases, I received this free of charge. I don't need many excuses to have a new palette but INNOCENT COLLECTION has a selection of shades I've not got. Whether I've got them in separate palettes, I don't have a palette that looks like this. SO many shimmers and golden browns, which we all know is my all time favourites. I can't wait to see what looks I can create with this.

Just a short little post today, I can't wait to see what else Freedom has to offer. Any suggestions or your favourite purchase, please do let me know. 


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