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I thank Jessie, from all things beautiful for inspiring me to do this style of outfit posts. Too nervous and self conscious to stand in public and take photos, taking quick snaps on my phone was the easiest option. I wouldn't say I have the best fashion sense in the world, but I like to give it a good go. I've taken these photos throughout January and due to already having posts scheduled worried that they'd get lost in my drafts and never used. So I've decided to start combining my outfit posts as a monthly roundup. Whether that be sharing forgotten gems, new favourites and some of my staple fashion pieces.

1. At the beginning of the month I treated my family to a cinema trip to watch The Danish Girl (a must watch btw). It was a lovely evening after a lazy day in my pj's. As I'd spent all day in my pj's I wanted to dress up a little bit, I paired some jeans with my trusted owl pattern peplum top which I brought from New Look almost 3 years ago now. To give it that more relaxed approach, I wore this with my green distressed jacket. It's oversized feel makes it's super comfortable to wear with any outfit. Admittedly I ran out of time and ended up wearing minimal eye makeup, instead completed my look with a deep purple lip, which worked perfectly. 

2. We all have that lazy day outfit don't we? Well the plaid shirt has become mine, I'm honestly obsessed with this shirt. I wear it alone or unbuttoned with another top underneath. While this was essentially worn as a lazy day outfit, I still wear this for everyday wear. It's just so lightweight and cosy that I like to wear this as much as possible. 

3. I purchased this oversized t-shirt back in the summer, I love the ombre colours with the astrology and hasma hand design. I wore this on my holiday back in the summer and it made it's way to the back of my wardrobe; since wearing it with my distressed jeans I want to make this a more worn item of clothing. A perfect t-shirt to keep my comfortable but with a design which gives it a little something. The day I wore this, I paired it with my Doc Marten floral boots and my leather jacket and went out with a friend for a milkshake, I definitely felt very 'rock-chic' in this outfit.

4. So far my month has been full of lazy attire...I promise you, I haven't been as lazy as this post sounds. When I'm working I'm in uniform so there's nothing to share, these are all from day off. Which many of them were spent either seeing friends or something I threw on while I typed away at my computer. The last outfit being a blogging day outfit. I think I spent the afternoon blogging and spent that evening with my boyfriend, but everything's become a blur I can't really remember. I was having an i miss disney kind of day, I never thought these feelings would be possible, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I put on my Minnie Ears and dance around my bedroom to some disney classics.

5. I'm obsessed with this t-shirt, I find it the most fashionable graphic tee I own. While others you can tell are tacky primark (I still love them), this one has another vibe to it and I'm obsessed. I've been wearing this quiet regularly, so to pinpoint the date I actually wore this is a little difficult. With it being a grey graphic tee, I tend to throw on my jeans and some comfortable shoes and it's pretty simple that way.

6. It's official, I've finally found my love for stripes. For years I've loved stripes in outfit but for some reason never felt entirely comfortable in them. This t-shirt again is a simple primark tee which has been in my wardrobe for just over 2 years now. It's an oversized/boyfriend fit style and at the time I loved it so much I brought it in blue and white also, but the love for this tee comes and goes. Last weekend I had a meeting at work and while I'm forever in comfys or my uniform when I go to work (comfies for while I'm watching the films...obviously) I wanted to put more effort into my style. I felt so comfortable and rock chic, it felt great! 

And that's January's style. I'm going to make this post a monthly thing, though I worry that some posts will have more or less than others, but it's okay..I'm finding my place in the fashion blogging world and this is my first little step. I'm also hoping to have a clear out of my wardrobe during February and to figure out my 'style' which of course also means shopping. So watch this space and I hope you enjoyed this little post.


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