MAC Lipstick Collection.


See The Stars - MAC lipstick collection
See The Stars - MAC lipstick collection
See The Stars - MAC lipstick collection
See The Stars - MAC lipstick collection
See The Stars - MAC lipstick collection


lipstick shades {left to right} 

Ohhmagarddd! Look at all the pretty colours! It's been a couple of years but it's finally time I share my collection with you all. MAC is serious business in the blogging world, and I've been wanting to share the products that I own since my first MAC purchase! I've got a few more pieces; eyeshadows, concealer and a few other bits and pieces but they aren't necessary for today. Today, I want to show you my little lipstick collection and I think it justify's as big enough now. I have already reviewed the majority of these lipsticks, so I'll link down below the previous posts and I won't be going into too much detail with each shade separately. I'm just going to do a little run through of my least worn to most. Trying to make this post as short and sweet as possible...because let's be honest you're all just staring at the swatches and products rather than reading the posts.

I'd never noticed until I'd started this post that, woah, I seem to gravitate towards the nudes and pink tones. I started my collection with the pink-er colours: PLEASE ME & PINK PLAID; which I soon realised didn't actually suit either my skin tone or my hair colours, I've never been the biggest fan of pinks and these have almost felt like a waste of money because of the lack of wear they get. Next to those pinks is ROYAL BALL; the almost lip gloss product. I won this in a giveaway last year and it's my one and only lipstick from any limited edition collections. While I find it a beautiful shade and the glistening of gold specks is truly fascinating..this again sadly doesn't get worn. My most 'daring' shade of my collection is FLAT OUT FABULOUS. While I believe many people pull this off again I find it another shade that's almost wasted. When it was first purchased I worn it all the time; days out, evenings. Just to add a pop of colour to my makeup routine. Sadly the more I've worn it the less I've seen the bright purple shade I did when I originally purchased it and instead see yet another un-worn bright pink. However, I am going to keep this in my collection to hope and pray that I'll wear it again in the summer.

A newbie to my collection is NEW YORK APPLE, the two main reasons why I love this...I've been eyeing this up for months and when momma-smurph went to Italy last summer she bought me this while she was away. Not only did I never mention this shade to her; I know the real reason is because of the name and my obsession with it's name sake, New York City. It's the first frost formula and it won't be my last. I'm in adoration with the shade, the pink lustre but the purple deep tones. It had the most beautiful shimmer, but such a long last wear for it's formula type. Another generous family member; brother-smurph gifted me this M.A.C RED this Christmas. Again without mentioning a name of a shade I'd been considering for a long time. He went out of  his way to purchase this for me and did amazingly. You can instantly see the difference between my two red shades, this one being a more vibrant orange tone...I know for a fact, I'll be wearing this a whole lot this year. RUSSIAN RED has been my favourite red lip shade up until now, I treated myself in 2014 to a new lip colour for my graduation. I'm still in love with this shade and will forever be in love with it. It's got such a deep definite colouring too it, a matte finish and overall it's wear time is pretty amazing. I love wearing this either with a cat-liner or with hardly any other makeup at all and letting this be the focus point.

I've purposely left my favourite two until last. FAST PLAY & CRAVING. While I shouldn't admit that I brought these together, they're are stupidly close in shades, I do regret buying such similar shades in one purchase. But I'm in love with these both of these and kind of use one and save the other for later.  Fast play has a much more muted nude tone to it and I'll gravitate towards this shade for that subtle colour, whereas Craving is ultimately my favourite of the two purely because of it's similarities to fast play but also because while it's borderline nude, it also has hints of a deep purple shade which in lip colours is practically my best friend!

And there you have it! My MAC collection,  while I believe it's small someone else may be in awe at the one's I owned. I'd love to expand my collection and treat myself a few times this year, so any suggestions are happily welcome.

Which is your favourite from my collection? And which is your favourite from yours? 


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  1. A lovely collection you have there! The packaging of the Cinderella Lipstick is so dreamy :) and I've been thinking about getting New York Apple for a while now and it looks so nice! xx


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