Makeup For Glasses.


See The Stars - Make for glasses
See The Stars - Make for glasses
See The Stars - Make for glasses


- Keira Knightly Style Glasses: £29.99* -

I've possibly wrote and re-wrote this post almost 5 times now. SpecPosts contacted me recently to work with them again and I just want this post perfect because of that! I've been wearing glasses for the last seven to eight years, when I first started wearing them my makeup routine was almost none existent. A innocent 14 year old who just didn't know makeup at all, I was fine with that but as I grew older both my like for makeup and my dislike for my specs grew...I felt as though I couldn't look nice in the makeup I applied if my frames were in the way. I remember finding a video from Bubzbeauty, which she shared a short tutorial on ways to wear makeup with glasses, which oddly inspired me to work with SpecPost with this campaign. -Bubz' original videos, here

See The Stars - Make for glasses
See The Stars - Make for glasses
See The Stars - Make for glasses

I've found that I'm at my most confident when I wear heavy eye make-up with my frames. While I live my day-to-day life with minimal makeup, well, because getting ready for work involves too much effort already so I don't like to add to my getting ready time. However, on those more adventurous days, those afternoons when I'm feeling a little self-conscious. I'll whack out the palettes and work some magic. 

I've always been drawn to deep colours and lately I've been absolutely in love with red shadows. Reds, gold and browns have been my most used recently. So for today's posts, I'm combining it all! 
I wanted to draw the attention of my eyes through the frames, {having wider frames works perfectly for this}. Using a darker shade of brown/ almost black shadow for the crease, I tried to do this quiet subtle but it still gave that smokey effect. I worked pretty heavy on the reds for the center, choosing the two different shades of red, one brighter and shimmery and the other deep and dark. I then used a touch of shimmer and gold for the inner corners of my eyes to brighten it up. I went in with some rather heavy kohl liner and mascara to lengthen my lashes. And added a deep red lipstick to complete my look. 



I loved this look so much that I've re-created it several times since taking these photos (way back in December). It's made for the perfect look throughout winter and been a favourite of mine at Christmas. We'll be saying goodbye to Winter soon enough and it'll be time to experiment with new colours in the spring, so I'm excited to keep expanding my makeup looks and creating looks which work well with my favourite frames too. 

* I was kindly sent items for this post, however all thoughts are 100% my own *


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  1. Love this post I think bold lips work great for wearing glasses and I love a gold eye from time to time but I also love to wear a winged eyeliner

    Leanne |


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