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Merry Belated Christmas from Prairie Charms! I know the christmas season has passed now, but sadly this beautiful box didn't arrive at my door until the New Year, I took the photos straight away and have been excitedly waiting to share my thoughts with you. To create this box Prairie Charms wanted their blogging team involved, putting us into groups based on our interested. We got to help design and share our thoughts, meaning each item in this box is from a certain design team; I was in in Team Rock Chic, and I'll share which was our design further down. So without too much waiting around, here's all the beautiful bits I received.

Antler headband & plaid bow. I'm literally in love with both of these hair pieces. I don't have many hair accessories and wished that this has arrived before Christmas so I could've worn the headband to my Christmas meals.  I'm obsessed with the glittery gold which is perfect for Christmas time but I also love the contrast of colours with the blues. I'm also in love with the blue/green plaid hair bow, I'd been looking for a bow to wear over Christmas but sadly never found one, what I like about this box is that I can actually wear this all year round and no-one question it. 

Personalised Notebook. I designed this!! Yep, me! As part of our Team Rock Chic group we wanted to design and create something that you could use all year round, many suggested were thrown around and during one of my many sleepless nights I'd come up with the idea for notebooks, every blogger needs one!? While the design is the same for everyone on the outside, the inside includes the most adorable quote along with the tag line 'this journal is for...'. This book is perfect to throw in my bag and to jot down any ideas when I'm on my travels.

Eye-mask and hydrating cream. Hats off to whoever came up with this idea! The eye mask is the most adorable thing ever, it's super soft and I keep using this at night...I have a little bit of light that shines at me through my curtains at night and I've now got something to stop that frustrating me, yipeee!? 

Snowy Mountain Hot Chocolate kit. I'm so excited by this, but I also never want to use it. This is the cutest little hot chocolate kit I've ever seen. It's own little mug would've been perfect. You can add the chocolate coins (and your own chocolate), you add the majority of the chocolate powder and use the rest for decoration at the end. To complete add whipped cream, the ski pole marshmallows and complete. 

Glitter bauble necklace. I'm in love with this necklace. The first thing that caught my eye was the silver bag it came in and I was desperate to find out what was inside. There were many different colours available and after taking note I was getting bored of pink, Prairie Charms remembered and I received the golden colour instead and I was in love, I popped in on the first day and should probably start wearing it again. 

Gingerbread & Candy Cane Melts.  These smell devine...just like the melts from my last box. Sadly I don't have a way of using this, and until I finally make that purchase these will sadly be unused. But they smell wonderful and they're super adorable.

Christmas Cards & Gift Tags. How adorable are these? I'm gutted I have to wait until the end of the year to use this, and by that point I'll probably still be in love with them that I won't want to use them...yep, I'm that person. Each gift tag has a different design; either with glitter, fabric and wooden embellishments, the crafty lover in my is obsessed! The cards are such wonderful and simplistic design which I'll probably use to send some best friends this christmas. 

And that's everything! Apologies that this post is so late, I wanted to write this along with all my christmas related posts throughout December but unfortunately it didn't arrive until afterwards. 

I've received boxes from Prairie Charms since the summer and I'm very much obsessed. Not only do they focus of created new themes for each box, they concentrate on making something different for each person; focus on their likes and dislikes, they take everything on board. They ask you questions about your favourite things and read your posts to get your reactions. I love working with Prairie Charms and I'm so grateful for the time and effort they've put into working with me and other blogger, I can't wait to see what collaborations we work on in 2016. 


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