What's In My Bag?


SEE THE STARS - whats in my bag?
SEE THE STARS - whats in my bag?
SEE THE STARS - whats in my bag?


I've been wanting to do this post forever, for the past three years possibly? I've always found the contents of my bag to be pretty boring, who want's to see my purse and phone? Since christmas, I've received a new bag and new purse...and I was inspired to share not only those items but the little bits and pieces that have taken home in my new handbag. I'd watched one of Lily Melrose's videos a few months ago and I fell head over heels for this bag, since then I think she's stopped using this bag but I thank her for sharing this with us and it now becoming my favourite every-day bag.

The Essentials. 
The bag from ASOS has it's become my best friend since christmas day. Over the last few weeks before christmas all my handbags had fallen apart and I was walking round with my card and phone in hand, and that's never a good idea! I'm obsessed with the faux leather effect with the chunky gold clips, it's a double compartment bag, so I've been trying to separate my bits and trying to make the contents of my bag a little more of an organised mess. I'd also asked for a new purse for Christmas and send my momma a few cheeky links and on Christmas morning I'd opened a present from my Aunt & Uncle and it was the purse I'd asked for, so thank you both. I love the kharki colour with the gold detailing, the gold works well with the bag too. The purse buttons up and folds out, plenty of space for my cards and space for cash too. It opens out in a way that the width of the purse is a place to pop your coins. 

The Technology. 
I was given my iPod Classic when I was 16, almost 7 years later and it's always on me. While I haven't updated the library for a while as I use spotify the majority of the time, my iPod is perfect when I'm travelling into work or taking a little walk somewhere so I always need in my bag just incase. Of course my iPhone 6 would follow me everywhere, I'm lost without the thing. This 3 in 1, lens kit for my phone was another christmas present. Simply attaching the lens to my phone I can take; marco, wide angle and fish eye effect photos, so this stays in my bag for easy access if I fancy using it while I'm out and about. Another Christmas present was my Sony HX90 Camera, I'd been after a new camera for well over a year now and I'd fallen head over heels with this one. Myself and Tom went halves for this as my christmas present (yet, I've had it since out Disney trip). In an attempt to use this frequently it's kept in my bag, though unless it's a day out or special event my phone usually gets picked up first. 

The Beauty.
I'm not one to carry much makeup with me, I'd be carrying things for the sake of popping them in my bag. Once I've applied my base and done my eyes, my makeup doesn't tend to get touched, yet the days I wear lipstick (which isn't as often as I'd like) I like to throw the shade in my bag incase I decided to have a little touch up...my bags are the first place I have to look when I loose my favourite lipsticks. 

And The Rest.
Ah, the bits of junk that find there way into the bottom of your bag, I've been using this bag for less than a month and already I'm collecting receipts. Luckily at the moment it's not too messy, rather a pen, cinema tickets and costa receipts from work. It'll soon get a whole lot messier, with many more cinema, bus and train tickets probably. 

And that's it, the inside of my bag. I'm completely in love with this bag and have been for a few months. I'm so grateful that my parents purchased this for me and I can now use a strong bag that won't break after a few uses. 


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