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See The Stars - 5 Things Not To Stress Over When Blogging

5 Things Not To Stress Over When Blogging. 

I've wanted to create this post for the last few years, now we're in 2016 and I've recently reached See The Stars third birthday I though it's about time to impart some wisdom to you. We've had our ups and down, it's been a love/hate relationship between myself and this blog for the majority of the three years; so I thought I'd share some of my thoughts to not stress over. 

Stop Comparing Yourself. 
My biggest issue is comparisons of other blogs against my own. Comparing my photographs, my layout, my content, etc. It's something I want to stop doing, it's something we all need to stop worrying about. I do think comparisons have ways of improving your blog from seeing someone else's blog works wonder, finding inspiration and courage to make your own changes. In the past my worries and comparisons have gotten to a place where I question whether I should continue blogging, I need to remember that other's have better blog and instead of stopping me, it should inspire me to improve. I'm really content with how my blog is going right now; I'm motivated, I love my photography and my layout so I'm not comparing myself as much. But the next time you're stressing about a blog being better than yours, step back and consider that someone is thinking the same about you! Just continue doing what you love, and you'll see the reward soon enough.

Another constant battle of mine is my photography. What background can I use? What props shall I include? Is this even in focus? I have no software to edit properly. Will this photo edit well?...oh the list could go on and on. I've always enjoyed photography and I definitely feel that it helps when it comes to the photos I take. I've practiced, yet it's nowhere near perfect. I need to remind myself, in fact we all need to remember that our photography always has room for improvement. Technology will change, your compisitions will improve and this is important if your new to the blogging world; don't stress over your photos! As long as they're clear and relate to your posts, people will be on your blog to see those photos and read your posts, promise!

Stop. Right. Now. I know you're watching the number, truthfully I am too! While your working hard on your blog and you want to see some reward from that, take a minute to realise that some times the number of followers doesn't count. While it's important to you and to knowing your readership, don't base your whole blog on those numbers. Over the years I've watched many many bloggers finding ways of gaining follower rather than improving there blogs.

Having A Schedule. 
There's been many times when I've had a schedule and time when I haven't. I've never seen much different in viewing numbers between the two. Life takes over and keeping up with a schedule isn't always possible. Post when you want and when you've got the time. Enjoy life and don't cause extra stress by worrying about getting photos taken and posts written before 5pm on Friday! I find that having a schedule holds me back, it puts pressure on me and I struggle to write as it is...I'm worse when I've got no real motivation.

Talking To New People. 
Found someone's blog and you LOVE it? Tweet them, let them know! It may feel weird to try and have a conversation with someone you don't know but everyone in the blogging world appreciates the love that another bloggers send them. Spreading love can be few and far between in this world and sharing the love is the most wonderful feeling. I've made the best friends through my blog, some girls who don't even live near me but I'd totally love if they did! I honestly wish I spoke to a lot more guys and girls from this little community, but sadly due to my working schedule finding time to join twitter chats is impossible. So I attempt to create conversations as and when I can and hope that it's paying off and people enjoy talking to me, as I adore talking to them!

I'll admit now I've been guilty of all these points, over time you begin to realise the things that matter less to the people that read your blog, numbers in particular. People will return to your blog for your content and personality as oppossed to your hundred and thousands of followers. So take a breathe, take the time out when you need it and just go at your own pace, no one will judge you for that! 


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