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See The Stars - Monthly Favourites January 2016


Is it too early in the year to say how fast 2016 is going? January flew straight past me, I don't think I've taken a moment to do much other than working, which by the end of February my bank balance will love me. This month if filled with new favourites and some forgotten gems, so let's get to it before I bore you too much; 

Last year I lost my love for makeup, I lost the love of trying new things and it was something I wanted to bring back this year. So before 2016 started I made an order with Superdrug and treated myself to a few new things, went shopping during January and did a little more and was treated to some beautiful things for Christmas also. So with a new mindset on makeup it was time to get practicing, I've been spending evenings testing eyeshadows, morning swatching lipsticks and generally trying new things when applying my makeup. Starting with my new products I've fallen head over heels for my new palette; urban decay naked smokey and mac navy times nine. Both were gifted to me as birthday presents from my boyfriend and brother, both who I'm proud of for finding these for me. Another new favourite is the Marc Jacobs diasy eau so fresh, this was part of a gift sale that was on sale after christmas and I just treated myself because, why not? I've used this like crazy since. My newest addition to my makeup collection was the rimmel scandal-eyes eyeliner, it had one tip which has angled edge which helps create both thin and thick flicks. I'm realistically still getting used to the product but on those good day it's work out so well and eyeliner is possibly my biggest down-fall. My final two beauty products we're forgotten favourites; the Rimmel match perfection foundation has become very loved and repurchased several times over the years. Digging out my makeup drawers over the last few weeks I came across my old favourite mascara, the L'Oreal miss manga mascara. It helps me have the longest lashes with so much volume, I fall in love every time I apply this mascara.

tv, films and books. 
In my downtime I've spent way to much time in front of Netflix this month. Not only have I been binge watching tv shows I've also been watching films. Watching old gems like Aladdin, Mary Poppins and to mark the 10th anniversary I couldn't resist watching High School Musical. Found a whole new love for Saving Mr Banks and watched the new Zac Efron film Dirty Grampa after work with a friend one evening. Speaking of work I also watched The Danish Girl, Joy, Daddy's Home and possibly a few more, job perks are great! While I've really been loving films this month I've also been obsessing over tv shows; Gilmore Girls is coming back to Netflix so obviously a re-watch of the previous 7 seasons was inevitable. I started watching That 70s Show..which I need to get back into. Pretty Little Liars came back to Netflix, which I've got a few episodes to catch up with, so no spoilers please?! And finally I dropped everything to re-watch Gavin & Stacey, for all my British readers you know the love for this show and if you aren't aware of this show...please give it a watch and thank me later! And as for books my friend gave me this Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...knowing how much of a stress-head I can be I was thankful for this present, I've been reading snippets throughout the month and can't wait to find the film to fully indulge in this book.

everything else. 
January was a good month for my blog, I gained 1200 followers through Bloglovin which was such an achievement, I doubled my pages views and I felt proud of my blog. However near the end of the month that all went tragically wrong, but we'll ignore that part. Since focusing more of my time to my blog I've also been using my iPad a lot more, using it in bed, watching tv shows or even doing a little blog reading before bed.

January has been very up and down for me, personally it's been a challenging month while my blog has really increased in the way I've always hoped it would. I can't wait to see how February works out for me.


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  1. Match perfection was one of my first foundations I've ever tried and it was a nice base but has it been reformulated?

    Leanne | www.oohsimplething.blogspot.co.uk


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