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See The Stars 3rd Blogging Anniversary

See The Star's Turns 3! 

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Happy Anniversary Blog! While I know this isn't officially the date I first attempted to blog, this is the date I stuck to it. Creating my first blog post on the 12th Feb 2013. It's been a crazy few years since starting this blog and every year I like to create a little reflection on this date...which sadly I'm a day late for this year, oops. 

Blogging has yet again taken a back seat from my life. I'm working full-time at work and planning certain things at work as well, so I'm very much waking up in the morning, working, and going to bed at night. I've also spent the majority of my spare time this month in the world that is Netflix. So while I'm going to apologise for the lack of time spent on my blog during February so far, once this month and the hectic-ness of live has worn off, I'll be back with a bang. 

With that being said, I wanted to share onto you some bits of wisdom that I've learnt in the last three years: 

blog because you love it 
Something I struggled with for so long was forcing myself to take photos and to write posts. Especially during the last 12 months my love for blogging has come in waves; while I'll be really motivated one month, I'll feel so disconnected from my blog and the community by the following months. I've fallen in and out of love with my blog more times than I'd like to admit, but something has always kept me coming back. I love my little space on the internet and being able to accept taking time apart will help me to always come back. 

making online friends is surreal 
We've grown up as the generation which shouldn't make friends with strangers online. Stay away from potential crazy people and some how we've completely ignored that advice and made friends in every aspect. Whether that be through blogging or social media and it's still the most surreal thing to me. Someone has taken an interest in me through my blog and taken the time to form a friendship with me? I've met some amazing people, going to meet ups and making plans in our own time has helped me form some lifetime friendships and some of the girls from this community have become the girls I turn to when I need some life advice and that shoulder to cry on (even if it is a virtual shoulder). I hope to stay connected with all these girls for years to come and I hope to meet some more of you as the time goes on. 

milestones are worth celebrating
While it may just be me doing a little happy dance at my computer; when ever my blog reaches milestones I jump for joy!? Each year when I've reached another year of blogging I like to document it, whenever I reach a certain amount of followers I love to celebrate that fact and sometime's even a highest viewing stats is worth celebrating. See the love I feel for my blog and to see someone else love it too, is something that warms my heart. Maybe I'll start celebrating each milestone with some cake...which is so very tempting for my today! 

dont stress & take your time 
Pretty much the same as my first point. Take breaks away, take your time and don't get stressed out by your blog. Don't worry if you haven't got the right lighting for your photos, wait until you've got more time, don't worry if you haven't written that post that you wanted to publish on Wednesday at 3pm. Forget the schedules, forget the writing...if you've ran out of time, feeling unmotivated and all those little things, take your time away from your blog, it'll always be there when you get back. 

feeling disconnected happens 
The most difficult thing to me right now is how disconnected from the community I feel. Where I've got friends I talk to, I still feel quiet disconnected. I have no idea how people work so many hours a week, have a social life and still have time to chat constantly with others online. I'd love to make more friends in this community and continue to talk to many many girls and guys online, hopefully this is something that I'll work on in the next year. 

I only wanted to post something quick today, I've got work later this evening and I should be getting ready. I appreciate every person I've met through my time writing this blog, thank you for keeping me going and keeping me motivated. Thanks for following my blog, taking the time to read and leave comments and all those little details. I hope to feel more connected with everyone in the next year, I can't wait to get more posts written, improve my photography and find some more time to write more. 


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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!! Def something worth celebrating!

    Mel |


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