Birthday Wishlist; 23rd Edtn.


See The Stars - 23rd Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist 23rd Edition.

|| march cladagh ring || the disney book || rapunzel traditions figurine || dream catcher || 
|| 12x12 project life album || alice in wonderland vans || unicorn iphone case || dumbo teddy ||
|| vera wang princess || little miss blogger mug || happy birthday box || olsen twins DVDS ||  

The countdown begins, next week I turn 23. I'm extremely excited for this birthday, I've got nothing special planned but I'll be turning 23 on the 23rd, something I've been looking forward to as it's also my fav number, go figure.

Birthday's are always exciting for me anyway, I love celebrating my birthday. I feel like such a spoilt brat when it comes to MY day. While I'm excited for the day, I'm also a little apprehensive for the day to arrive. It's my 23rd birthday, the number I've been waiting for and I've got no plans, I went from almost booking a holiday with a whole bunch of friends to not even having a plan for the day. While having a whole week off to do F-all is pretty exciting, I want to find something to do.

With the lack of plans and it dampening my excitement, I also don't have a clue what I want for my birthday. Every year since starting my blog I've shared my birthday wish-list on my blog, so while my list is pretty small this year I still wanted to share the little bits I do want. Everything on this post are things I've been contemplating purchasing for myself and just haven't had the money or just haven't made the purchase. As you can tell it's very much disney related, I'm currently going through an I miss Disneyland phase which is never ending. So if all my friends and family gift me disney items, well you will know they won't go unappreciated! I'm also going through a childhood phase and wanting to watch all the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen DVDs, so much so. I've actually already treated myself to have of the DVDs already. The most 'grown-up' item on this list is the cladagh ring, a few years ago my trusty one broke and I've been hoping for one since, this year I'm hoping to find one with my birthday stone and oh doesn't that just sound perfect. Im also in need of a new 12x12 album to fill up my project life scrapbook, but that may be something I treat myself to after payday. 
I just wanted to share a quick little post with you today, show my face and say hello!

Hope you're all well, and if you have any suggestions of items I should try myself to, please leave me a comment. 


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