What I Got For My Birthday.


See The Stars - what I got for my birthday 2016
See The Stars - what I got for my birthday 2016

What I Got For My Birthday.

I turned 23 last week and it went in a blink of an eye, I don't feel a day older and the thrill of birthdays some how passed me this year. But that's not stopping me from being excited about the fact and being completely in love with all the gifts I was given. As always this isn't be bragging, it's just that I've not really blogged in a while and usually you all tend to enjoy these type of posts. 

As I've already said, I turned 23...the gifts probably don't represent that now do they. I got so many things I probably wanted when I was 10, but hey I wanted them and I'm so excited I've not got them. 

Contradicting what I've just written, I'm growing up and I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted when my parents originally asked the question. I've been drooling over a certain hair colour for some time but would cost me a fair amount, which I just haven't been able to afford. So my parent's bought me an appointment with a local hairdresser and I've now got silver hair. While I'm still working on making it just perfect, I'll definitely be sharing more on my new hair in a post soon. Because they're such gems they also wanted to make sure I had something to open on the day and luckily I was given the most beautiful faux leather camera case, just look how vintage it is.

I then opened my presents from one of my oldest friends; some of which weren't photographed, oops bad blogger. She gave me the cutest pair of minnie mouse pjs, a Mickey mouse makeup bag, a disney princess cup, an owl ring and a minnie mouse knot wrap. I'm literally in love with everything, and keeping up with the disney theme...my aunty continued to add to my Tsum Tsum collection and brought me Sven, Olaf and Kristoff, which are adorable and I always need more. And my brother gave me this amazing Disney Book. Which I'm yet to read through properly but already looks awesome. 

And finally, my bits from Tom. For those not in the know, Tom's my boyfriend and always does amazingly when it comes to my presents and this year was no different. After asking for a while I really wanted to get back into the little bit of gaming I do, and that the Nintendo DS. He'd told me how he'd tried and failed at getting me the console and I was pretty sure that was it, but he surprised me with a DS and 3 new games, and I've been playing this so much since last week. I also got Carrie Fletchers book All I Know Now if you don't watch Carrie on youtube, please go watch now. We'd been watching Harry Potter this last few months and were hoping to go to the Harry Potter Studios; which sadly was booked up on the days we wanted to go. But in light of that, Tom bought me a selection of the sweets from the film; which I also bought for his birthday three days later. And let's not forget the fact I'm Disney obsessed, he got me the cutest Disney Art Therapy Book and a new Dumbo Teddy, which he almost bought me on our holiday to Disneyland. Something that hasn't arrived but should do soon he's ordered me a Claddagh Ring with the March Birth Stone, which is special as I recently damaged my Claddagh ring and both our birthdays are in March, so its got that little connection to our relationship. 

And that's everything. I'm honestly so in love and grateful for the presents I received. Keep an eye out for more posts; possibly reviews etc from some of these products. And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on the day, it's so overwhelming to have so many people showing me love. 

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