5 Favourite Disney Films


See The Stars - 5 favourite disney films
See The Stars - 5 favourite disney films


Did you read my recent post on my favourite films for a bad day. I wanted to include so many, and many of those being Disney Films. So instead of making a super long film favourites post, which was easily going to happen, I chose to split the post into two and today I'm sharing my favourite Disney films, again I there's too many to choose from and these are the ones that made the cut for the first post.

I'm considering making these posts a more regular thing, working in a cinema and being a little film obsessive, I want to find the perfect way to collaborate that with my blog. Just like my previous post, there's no particular order of these...I couldn't possibly choose the best Disney film.

beauty and the best // Alongside The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast was one of the first Disney films I remember being released when I was younger. I remember watching it on VHS while clutching onto my Belle McDonald's toy (odd memory, I know). I watched it a lot as a child, but some how I forgot the magic of this film until 2010 and I became obsessed with finding this DVD. I came home from College one afternoon and my dad has found in while he was out shopping and treated me. I love the story behind this film, the love that's formed between Belle and The Beast. Belle is definitely up there as one of my favourite princesses.

high school musical // HSM rekindled my love for Disney, especially the Disney Channel. Which I feel I shouldn't admit to as I was 14 years old at the time. I fell madly in love with Zac Efron, and to this day, still am. HSM is such a feel good movie, so ridiculous and predictable with the catchiest tunes. It's so feel good and cute. I'm planning on watching HSM on the big screen at work, it'll be so much fun.

brave // Brave almost becomes a forgotten favourite until I watch it again, theres something so feel good and exhilarating about this film. Watching a young girl fight for her voice and show her parents the freedom she can have, with it's focus on family struggles and getting past those little family difficulties. I love that they focused on family struggles in the way that they did. Oh it feels like forever since I watched this film, I guess I know what I'll be watching in the next few days.

mulan // Oh Mulan, something about this girl and her girl power gives me all those happy feelings. Don't you wish you could kick ass like her? I've always felt that with this film I've grown up with a role model who isn't scared of doing something a little out of the box or being different. I'm also a little obsessed with the songs from this movie and I giggle at Mushu every time he's on the screen, but I guess that's the magic of Eddie Murphy for you.

the little mermaid // Another classic I grew up with was the little mermaid. I remember my aunt had this on VHS but she would never let me watch it (she's only 3 years older than me, so it's not that weird). I remember this more vividly as the film I knew all the songs and love Ariel without really remembering the film. It wasn't until I was 18 and had this on DVD myself that I truly watched it, and I've been in love with this film ever since.

Just a quick glimpse into my film favourites and the reasons behind loving them. Obviously I'm a little Disney fanatic at heart and will possible do another one of these posts again soon.
Which is your favourite Disney films?


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  1. Love this post! Little mermaid & Brave are definitely my favourites!
    �� Lucy


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