A Few Of My Favourite Things.


See The Stars - A Few of my favourite things
See The Stars - A few of my favourite things


As bloggers we're always staring our favourite things, whether that be monthly, products and brands. I wanted to mix things up a little bit with this post, as I've taken a little hiatus over February I've not really taken note of the products I've been using, yet alone loving. So today I wanted to share today my favourite things, like my ultimate favourites.  My go-to films, books, makeup products, my photography and even a snippet of some of my favourite memories. So bare with me, this may be a long one.

I'll start off with the easy bits, the beauty bits. While this could be a chunky part of the post, I know the majority of you will enjoy reading this the most. But that's not to discourage you to read the rest of the part, please stick around. Since starting my blog in 2013, beauty has become a strong part of my life, I've never obsessed over it as much as I have done these last three years. My love for eyeshadows was potentially where it all began, when I started experimenting with colours and realising the way eyeshadow worked well for me, I've never looked back and I've got a drawer filled with shadow palettes. The makeup revolution flawless and naked smoky quickly became staple products to my makeup collection. Similar to that, is my love for lipsticks. Back in 2009/2010 I had the biggest girl crush on Demi Lovato, and wanted nothing more than to look like her and at this stage she rocked a bold pink lip and I've been collecting lipsticks since. Since I've discovered that pink isn't my colour, instead I'm a fan of nudes and deep purples; mac craving and nude perfection being my go-to shades. 
A brand I must thank blogging for introducing me to was Lush, while I'd known about the shop I always kept my distance for various reasons; now I can't walk past the place without taking a cheeky little browse. I've mentioned this more than one but in our house we have a shower rather than a bath; but due to my own addiction and everyone knowing my love for Lush, I have a life-time supply of bath bombs. All of which I have to use at my boyfriends house or if I'm ever away on holiday; I'll take a good supply.  And the final beauty product has been my love for Marc Jacobs. Whilst I love trying and testing out new perfumes every so often, I always come back to the beauty that is Daisy. All the scents from the daisy range have a beautifully subtle yet sweet floral scent, and I can't get enough of it. 


From the age of 15 I've spent plenty of time watching and re-watching my favourite tv series and films. As you're all aware I'm totally in love with Disney, and I wrote a post on some of my fav films, here. But something I'm a little more obsessed with is American Teen Drama's. I've been watching teen drama's non-stop since my teen years, they never get old. My ultimate favourite's being One Tree Hill & Gilmore Girls. Two complete opposites but I'm obsessed all the same. One Tree Hill focuses on a group of high school friends; plenty of love triangles, abititous people and Chad Michael Murray...need I say more? Whereas Gilmore Girls follows the life of a teenage girl and her mother. They live in a small town in Connecticut and mother and daughter are the best of friends; it's such a cute series but also one of the funniest series. I can't wait for the new series to come back to Netflix. Now I'm not a massive reader, I wish I was but I seem to fill my free time with Netflix instead of indulging in a good book. The last book I read a truly fell in love with was Where Rainbow's End,  following two best friends throughout their life; from childhood to adulthood. It's formatted in forms of endless letters, emails and sometimes text messages, so it can become quiet difficult to keep up with, but that didn't stop me from reading it. It later became one of my favourite films Love Rosie. Both are just so wonderfully romantic, and I fall in love with Alex & Rosie each time I read & watch this story.

I wanted to talk a little bit about my love for photography. While I'm no where near an amazing photographer; I take pictures of everything. I'll always have my sony HX90 in my bag and if I don't I'll always use my phone. I'll take pictures for every moment I can, and let me tell you now my friends hate me for it, but thank me later when I've got those memories saved. I use my Canon 600D when blogging and tend to take this when I go to new places, to try and get some good shots. I always have an Instax Mini Polaroid which I'll save for special moments or occasions...mainly because it's too bulky to carry on a regular basis. I'll use all these formats of photography for various reasons; firstly I love to have that memory captured, using my photography on my blog is important to me and lastly I'm a little scrapbooking nerd and I need all the photos I can to document my life. 
I wanted to share a little glimpse into my favourite things, instead of this being a monthly favourite and I've obsessed and adored with many of these things for years now. Some of the beauty products have become repurchases, I'll watch my favourite films and tv shows to cheer me up; all have different stories and reasons for putting a smile back on my face and that's what makes them so special. I'd love to hear what's your favourite things? 


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