Coachella Inspired.


Coachella Inspired.  

A few days ago I took a risk and had my hair chopped off! While my hair has been short, I've never willingly chosen to have it cut SO short and for once I'm really happy with the results. It feels so healthy, the hairdresser did everything I asked for and I can't keep my hands off my head. And of course with a good hair day, you need a good makeup day. The sun was shining, my hair and makeup were looking perfect for this time of year and last weekend saw the Coachella Festival so while every one is still talking about it, a little lightbulb in my head lit up!

I went with the thought of full coverage but not too caked on, you know the way? My skin is usually very clear and lately it's been on it's game. Luckily I've had no troubles, so with a little coverage using my dream satin liquid foundation, and my dark circles concealed with wake me up, it was time for the more definitive details. I went in my cheekbones with the contour stick and added a little highlight using ultra strobe cream. I think sealed it all in with some pressed powder.  Some of these products are new to my everyday routine, so I'm still getting to grips with the products and can't wait to go into more detail soon.

I wanted to try a new colour for my eyes today and I chose to use deep pinks to brown shades, while experimenting I also decided to use a palette that had gotten lost in the back of my drawer. I grabbed the stripped and bare palette, which is advertised as 3 different looks in 1 palette. I find that majority of the shades are very similar light shades, filled with deep pink and brown shades, so I jumped straight onto using those colours. I created a soft fill colour with a subtle crease which is almost un-noticable and completed it with glitter in the inner corners to add that sparkle. Filled out my brows, added a little kohl liner for definition and added mascara, and my eyes were complete. I kept in tune with the nude colouring and added a nude lipstick from the colour drama range. 

Looking back I'm torn as to whether this is very coachella at all, but in the moment I felt inspired and I think this is still a perfect look for a lighter makeup look for the summer months. I think this would've been made perfect with some body jewellery, stick on gems etc but I didn't have the time to complete the look. When I think Coachella, I think boho chic, tassles, shorts and lots of floral accessories which is exactly what you get. With my beautifully bright floral headband from Prairie Charms, went perfectly with my light and short do.

Just a quick little post today, I wanted to post every other day throughout April and struggled terrible this past week. But I hope you've been enjoying my content recently, I have a variety of posts coming your way soon, I just need to get ideas from head to the computer screen before I can press publish, oops! 


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