eBay Liquid Lipstick Review

See The Stars - ebay liquid lipstick review
See The Stars - ebay liquid lipstick review

 eBay Liquid Lipstick Review

I did it, I jumped on the matte liquid lipstick hype. I watched too many insta-vids and wished my lips looked that good, while we all know, that not all those lips are natural...I'm still a tiny bit jealous. While I'm aware these lipsticks don't have the magic powers to give me fuller lips, they're different to the usual glossy lipsticks. In February I put in an order on eBay and impatiently waited over a month for them all to arrive. Luckily one set arrived with a week, while the others look a little over a month.

Both sellers were doing an offer, where I purchased so many I got the last one for free. Each being under roughly £2 each and a 'get one free' offer, in total all these lip lacquers cost just under £10. I have mixed opinions on both products so I want to go a little more in depth below. 

See The Stars - ebay liquid lipstick review
See The Stars - ebay liquid lipstick review

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These were exactly what I was looking for, the liquid formula with the brush applicator and I can't tell you how disappointed I was with these. All that excitement and it didn't reach my expectations at all. These arrived while I was rushing out the door and of course I couldn't just leave them, so I swatched them and raced to wherever I was going. The swatches were so deceiving, while they instantly mattified and looked beautiful on the front of my hand, on my lips was a completely different story. Even in the photos they look so soothing and moist, nope, nope and nope. Once applied to my lips, they dry up almost instantly and it becomes very sticky. I couldn't eat or drink when wearing any of these colours and it's dreadful because I lick my lips a lot too! Because of the style of product, the brush was at the end of rather long wand which made getting a precise finish on my lips a challenging task and let me tell you removing this from my lips really hurts. In total I spent £7 on these 5 lip lacques, and while that's a bargain, it was definitely a waste of my money. 

See The Stars - ebay liquid lipstick review
See The Stars - Ebay liquid lipsticks review

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The other set of lipsticks took less than a week to arrive, while these took a little under a month. After a bad experience with the others I wasn't looking forward to these arriving, thankfully they were well worth the wait and are ten times better than the others. The initial difference is that these are a pencil product rather than a liquid, because of this application is so much easier. While also matte effect, they're a little drying but have a much better pay off. I've found using these with a creme finish lipsticks creates definition on the lips and also balances out the matte. As a duo with another lipstick, this lasts almost all day which is perfect for work. Sadly once it starts to wear off it becomes cracked and really patchy but that's nothing a little touching up can't fix. The biggest downfall of the soft lipsticks is it's pencil, feels extremely plastic and unable to sharpen after it's been used a few times, so if anyone has these and knows the solution to this, please let me know. In comparison to the other products I'm really impressed with these, actually in love with these. It cost me just over £2 for three of these shades, with the fourth being free. 

It's always a risk to purchase products from eBay, some being worth while and others being a total flop. For the cost of everything, I'm glad I took that risk. I've had my chance to experiment with liquid and matte lip products without worrying that I've broken the bank. I can honestly say I won't be using matte products in the future as they've made me lips feel more damaged than they were before.

How's the hype worked for you? Are you a matte fan? 

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