Everyday Makeup: A Lazy Girl's Guide.


See The Stars - everyday makeup
See The Stars - everyday makeup
See The Stars - everyday makeup
See The Stars - Everyday makeup

Everyday Makeup: A Lazy Girls Guide. 

It's official, I've lost my love for makeup. Honestly, it's not just my love for makeup it's my energy for it all. I've not brought new products for a while and when it comes to my makeup routine, it's become minimal. If it takes 5 minutes to apply. I'd rather do that than bother experimenting with a new look. While I'm missing my adventurous side, I'm liking the easy life. I have more time to get out the house in the morning, my skin thanks for me for not going too heavy on products and a fresh face feels a little more acceptable now we're in spring.

Now this isn't going to be a tutorial, this is more of a look into the products I use everyday. The products I always turn to and would be lost without. If you haven't noticed by now, I don't tend to use too many products at one time, so primer is usually out the question. I only tend to use it when I need my makeup to last a little longer than usual. Repurchased several times, is my trusted match perfection foundation, it's got a great basic coverage but I know I could probably find better...this just works best for me. For anything that my foundation hasn't covered I'll used my wake up me concealer, now this is the product I'm using lately however once it's over, I won't be repurchasing. Definitely not up to hype standards. It doesn't give me enough coverage or even give much highlight. Recently to complete my base makeup I've been using the freedom contour stick, it has both a contour and highlight. The dark toned side for the contouring has become a staple part of my routine, giving me a more precise look, yet I won't use the highlight side as it's just a little too light for me. I'll then use my b.defined eyebrow kit to simple fill out my brows, going for a darker shade recently now I've got a new hair colour. I'll then use liquid liner for that staple cat eye and give my water line that bit of definition with a kohl pencil. Sometimes I'll add a little neutral colour to my eyes, just for that little extra, but usually I'll put wack on my miss manga mascara which gives me the longest lashes and then complete the look with some nude lipstick, urm, well, I'll complete it with lipstick, sometimes. I'm obsessed with lipsticks and hoard so many, but it's the thing I ALWAYS forget during my makeup routine.

There you have it, a lazy girls guide to quick easy makeup. I'm doning this look today, I'm spending the afternoon with Tom before heading off to work, so why not. I know I can take comfort in knowing that I won't be the only one with a lazy day routine, so I'd love to hear what your routine involves. 


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  1. I felt like this for a long time but I'm back on it now! Miss Manga is my fave mascara, I haven't used it in ages but I'm going to buy a new one now xo


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