Going Silver/Grey


Going Silver/Grey Hair- See The Stars
Going Silver/Grey Hair- See The Stars
Going Silver/Grey Hair- See The Stars
Going Silver/Grey Hair- See The Stars

 Going Silver/Grey.

Something I've wanted to do for years was to go white blonde/silver/grey. I'm rather experiemental when it comes to my hair and I haven't done anything drastic in a while, and I've finally taken the plunge and made a massive difference to my hair. I wanted to share this change on  my blog, because I know how popular this colour change can be.

{I want you all to be aware, I'm going to be sharing my own experiences and in no way do I think I know what I'm doing, honestly I'm blagging the majority of what I do to my hair}

I had my hair done as my birthday present from my parents and spent a total of 5 hours at the hairdressers. I've shared a before and after photos above, so you can see the difference. It took two lots of bleach and a toner and I left the salon with very yellow hair. It wasn't exactly the look I was wishing for, but I've stocked myself up on toners and non-permanent dyes to hopefully rectify my issues. Since then I've used a whole lot of these products for the last few weeks and I'm still working at getting to the right colour. You may be able to tell that I'm not yet completely in love with my colour just yet. But I wanted to share the products I've been working which is getting rid of the yellow and bringing in the grey. 

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner since I had my highlights put in last year, it didn't do a great amount back then and I can't really see much difference. Both products have violet pigments to remove the brassiness, which frustratingly works in some sections of my hair but not in all, still I continue to use this to tone away the yellow and to just keep my hair healthy. Both products smell of parma violets, it's such a sweet scent and personally I love it. 

I haven't got round to using this product just yet, but 4 years ago when I first went this blonde, I used this toner to attempt to remove the brassy tones and sadly made not much difference to my colour. I'm hoping to use it this time round to gradually build up the change, but I'm not holding my breathe if I don't see the difference after a few uses. 

Personally I've always been a fan of crazy colours, I've got a mix of bright colours from my experimenting days (I once had rainbow dip dye, it was awesome). So I know how well crazy colours and it's always taken well on my head so it was inevitable that I'd be purchasing more from the brand. 

I'd heard good things about Colour Freedom, noticing that many people were picking up from this brand, so I made a special trip into town to pick a grey shade from the brand. They have so many shades available, so many pastels which I'm tempted to try soon. Sadly the grey didn't reach my expectations and I've been left disappointed with this product. Rather than my hair look grey, it looked rather green!? And more a moldy green than anything I could potentially work with. I'd really love to find a semi (or non) permanent grey dye and it give me the quick fix I wanted from this product. 

I purchased this with no expectations and it's become my favourite product for the colour of my hair. While this isn't a quick fix, this is perfect to take away all the brassy tones and really give my hair that silver look I've been craving. I'd left my hair after using the misty grey dye, and popped this on my head and left it on for almost 2 hours rather than the 15 minutes it originally states. It took away all of the green tones and calmed down my brassy tones too, my hair is officially a white blonde and it's thanks to this product.

Now my hair is more white blonde and I've begun geting rid of the yellow, I'm so excited to continue experimenting. While at the moment my goal is to see how grey I can go, I'm thinking of experimenting with lilacs and pinks, so you may see lots of different colours and shades of my hair in the next couple of months.

Have you gone silver/white blonde before? What products are your go to products?

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