Happy Daze; Lush Box.

Lush Happy Daze - See The Stars
Lush Happy Daze - See The Stars
Lush Happy Daze - See The Stars
Lush Happy Daze - See The Stars
Lush Happy Daze - See The Stars
Lush Happy Daze - See The Stars

Happy Daze; Lush Box 

I'm pretty obsessed with Lush and I love it when friends notice that. As you may all be aware, I turned 23 in March and one of my closest friends treated me to this happy daze box for my birthday present and I knew straight away that I want to share this on my blog. Though I will mention now that this is an initial reaction kind of post as I've not had the chance to use these from this set just yet. Two I've had perviously whereas the others are completely new to me. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. 

bright-side bubble bar mini. Something you probably don't know about me, is my love for citrus. Scent and taste, and just from first wiff...I want to eat this bar. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but it's seriously tempting. It has a strong lemon zesty scent, but gives off that sweet mandarin scent too. The mix confusing my nose, as I can't tell if I'm smelling lemons or oranges but I love it all the same. The thing I love most about bubble bars is it's re-usable, crumble a little into the tub and save the rest for later, perfect. I never want this one to run out. 

the experimenter bath bomb. I adore the experimenter, I've got a few of these stashed away waiting to be used. But when you love a bath bomb, you don't complain about having it more than once. This is the most colourful bath you'll ever see, the colours just fizz across the water and it's beautiful to watch...though it does turn kind of a grey colour once the things dissolved. Again another sweet and personal favourite scent, this one's a little more subtle with vanilla. 

fizz-banger bath bomb. I feel as though this would be a massive colour explosion in my bath and would be terribly disappointed if it doesn't, so please warn me now if it's a let down? I find the others are more citrus infused whereas this one has a spicier scent with it's apple and cinnamon mixtures. Even if I'm disappointed with it's colouring once in the bath, I feel that the scent will stop me from noticing.

the comforter bubble bar mini. After many recommendations, I picked up this bubble bar last year and completely fell in love, I've always loved a good bubble bath and a little bit goes a long way with this product. As I don't get to have bath's very often it's wonderful that this one is a mini. This way I can use it up a little quicker before it becomes a an unused crumbling mess. This one is known by many as the ribena bubble bar, from the strong scent of blackcurrant and I'll tell you now I love this fact, it's so so sweet!? 
I love receiving bath bombs and gift sets, so this was a wonderful present. It's safe to say these have just added to my life-time supply of bath bombs and I couldn't be more grateful for that. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've used any of these products? Are they some of your favourites? Or could they be a little disappointing? 


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