Insta-Style: March


See The Stars - insta-style march
See The Stars - insta-style march

Insta-Style: March

Well March you certainly flew past me, March is an exciting month for me. My birthday, my boyfriends and so many of my friends birthday too, so it's a highly celebrated month. I spent majority of the month working (as always). I had a dance show this month too, so lots of dance rehearsals were had, and that always results in many breakdowns and stress-outs. As you can probably tell from photos, I've also changed up my hair, it's been a very adventurous and exciting month. 

1. I purchased this baseball tee from H&M at the end of Feb and I've pretty much been obsessed ever since. It's such a soft material and it's just so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans. This has become a basic yet staple part of my wardrobe and I need more of these tee's because of that. 

2. At the beginning of the month I went to a kilo vintage sale and treated myself to a few flannel shirts. I love the oversized effect, I paired this one with a disney tee and used the shirt almost like a jacket. I'm sure I was on my way to a dance rehearsal this day and I only need something easy to wear and this became that easy outfit. 

3. As you can tell, if I'm not wearing my work uniform I'm in comfy's lately. When I don't have much planned other than a lazy day of the sofa with Tom, I'll wear something oversized and cosy...of course I do make a little more effort when I'm off out, don't worry. With my baseball tee, I treated myself to this jumper last month, the slogan reads best day ever; with images of junk food across the chest and this was almost too relevant to my life, that I couldn't walk away without it. 

4. Again at the kilo vintage sale I purchased this oversized denim jacket. Buying this with the other items I did, actually cost the same price that most vintage stores are selling this jacket for. So it definitely felt like a bargain to me. It's very much oversized with a workers logo on the side, which has inspired me to purchase badges and personalised this jacket, I'm thinking a few disney badges will look cute. It took me a while to wear this out the house because it's SO oversized, but now I'm broken that barrier, I can't take it off. 

5. Just after my birthday my best friends took me on a trip to London. It's something I've wanted to do for so long and they both love the city, so we decided it would be a perfect way to celebrate together. I had no idea where anything was, how to navigate the tube lines or anything, so I went along a little blind-sided. Thankfully they knew what they were doing and we saw Oxford Street, Kensington Gardens, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. Knowing I'd be walking around all day, I opted for a simple outfit rather than trying to dress up, I wore a new striped tee with my oversized scarf. It rained all day, leaving my hair a mess and I kind of gave up with my appearance after that. 

6. Just a little before my birthday was my dance show, I'd purchased a new jacket for my birthday and decided I wanted to wear it for the evening of the show, pairing it with one of my well worn shirts and ripped jeans. My hair pulled back in french-plaits and a real effort made to my makeup, this outfit felt really good...I then accidentally covered it completely in glitter and it's still lingering to this day, oops. 

It's crazy to look back at the things I've done this month, it's been a crazy month and this is only a glimpse into some of the things I've been up to. I hope you all have a wonderful March, and it continues for you during April. 

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