Pinterest Mood Boards; Bedroom Inspiration.


Pinterest Bedroom Inspiration - See The Stars Blog

Pinterest Mood Boards; Bedroom Inspiration. 

I do this thing where I torture myself on pinterest, and I can probably feel safe knowing I'm not alone? I'll have a binge pinning session for about a week and then almost remove pinterest from my memory, and repeat. So thankfully I'm not torturing myself 24/7, 365. 

Recently I've felt in the worst slump, nothing feels normal but I don't really have the words to describe how I'm feeling and usually that just means I'm in a mood or that I'm worn out. Personally I know I'll move on, but there's something this time round that made me realise how I can make myself feel a little better and that's change up my living space. Still living with my parents means that there's only really one spot in the house that's truly mine, and that's my bedroom. Just over a year ago now I re-decorated my bedroom for the first time since I was 16, it was much needed and was time to match my room to my personality. My bedroom is so much closer to my personality this time round, but I was limited on funds last time and now I think it's time to finally complete my room. So I took to pinterest and taken so many ideas, that I'm more lost than when I first started. 

Pinterest Bedroom Inspiration - See The Stars Blog
Pinterest Bedroom Inspiration - See The Stars Blog

the bed space. 

My bed takes up the majority of my bedroom, so realistically makes sense that it's the thing that I want to focus on the most. I want to add more and more cushions, pillows and blankets for stupid amounts of comfort, but then remember how warm I get while I'm asleep and everything ends up on the floor anyway. I'm really out of love with my bed sheets and want to pick a few more up. I've come to the conclusion that I'm in love with monochrome for my bedroom, but I love just a splash of colour. While keeping my walls white, I could add the colour and patterns of choice to my bed through sheets and cushions, which through pinterest is where I discovered my love for boho decor. Boho, monochrome, copper and plants...these are all the things I want to include in my bedroom without it looking too OTT or cluttered. 

Pinterest Bedroom Inspiration - See The Stars Blog

the desk space. 

My desk is top of the list for my bedroom clear up, it's drawer is filled with clutter and rubbish and it's just a little outdated for me now. I'd love to go into full blogger mode and have every piece of furniture white, and sadly my desk is a black which has become a little worn down. I've recently been searching Pinterest & other websites for some inspirational quotes to pop on my wall, I'd also love to find a unique memo board...which may result in me making my own. From looking through pinterest I've come to the conclusion that I'd want all pictures, quotes and little things like that hanging above my desk. Keeping everything like that in one corner of my bedroom will give it some focus instead of making it too spaced out. I also want to pick up a unique plant or maybe just some fake photos, to add that bright splash of colour to my room, along side a Earmes chair, which I think would just complete my overall clean look. 

And theres a little inspiration for both me and you! I know so many of us pride ourselves on how our bedroom looks and we're all a little obsessed with pinterest. So if you're interested, I pinned tones more photos and inspiration for my bedroom, which you can nose at, here
I've moved around all my furniture and got everything in it's current place, it's now time to finish throwing everything out as well as getting my shopping shoes at the ready! I can't wait to FINALLY complete my bedroom, woo! 


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  1. Hey sweetie, you could maybe upcycle your black desk! There are tons of how to guides on pinterest. I never tried it as I think painting my nails is as DIY as I will ever get but its maybe something to consider xx


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