Coconut Lane Haul.


Coconut Lane Haul - See The Stars Blog
Coconut Lane Haul - See The Stars Blog
Coconut Lane Haul - See The Stars Blog

Coconut Lane Haul & 20% Discount. 

You may have seen coconut lane floating around the blogging world lately, we've fallen head over heels and can't get enough of the beauty that's available on their site.

I was approached by Coconut Lane potentially over two month ago to become a brand ambassador and I'm now officially a Coconut Queen; but I'll have more information on that at the end of the post. It's taken until now to make my first order and my life I'm so happy I finally did! I made this order just before last months payday, so as you can imagine, I shouldn't of been spending money so I tried to only make a small order. It took me some time to choose the products I wanted in my first order, I kept thinking; which products should I order? Which would suit me most? Which would help sell this website on my blog? And I think I finally found those products, everything screams me and there's so much more I need to order! 

messy bun. get stuff done. // ride a unicorn. swim with mermaids. £6 each. *

The wall art was something I was adamant I'd be buying, it was just finding the perfect quotes for me! You've got the choice of two font styles, I prefer the bold style to the script and personally I think there should be a few more font options. I decided to pick up two as I've recently started to re-create my bedroom, adding frames and quotes in a little corner of my room would help create atmosphere to a very bare corner. 

With the messy bun, get stuff done wall art, I decided to pick this up just because how true it can be. You know I mean buisness when my hair goes up and productive days means I'll throw my hair into a messy bun and well and truly GET STUFF DONE. I was hoping it would keep me motivated on those days when I procrastinate or I stay in bed watching Geordie Shore. It's not made it's way to my wall just yet, instead has taken pride of place on my mini dresser. While I'm doing my morning routine this can help give me that boost to have a great day! 

Ride a unicorn, swim with mermaids...I think every disney fan can relate, while it's not disney related it still brings that magic to my mind, just like Ariel, no? Be that magical and majestic person you need to be, shine and don't let anyone stop you doing that! That's how I see this quote and I think we all need reminding of that fact every once in a while. While the other keeps reminding me to kick butt and work hard, this one reminds me that I can do it gracefully and with that hint of magic. 

LUXE banana plant case £18 *

I'm currently on the hunt for beautifully green, Hawaiian plants and leaves. Whether that be as a decorative cushions, wall art or some succulents to pop around my bedroom, I've not been having much luck with the searching and I'm slowly giving up, so any suggestions on where to find these bits, please let me know. The LUXE range on the website, is the more pricey of the bunch. The luxury products, and the most beautiful, I've got my eyes on a few pairs of sunglasses and maybe few more phone cases from the range. Filled with bright colours, marble and all round fabulous-ness. I was stupidly excited for this order to arrive purely for this phone case, it just gives off the summer time vibes and i'm obsessed with the colour. It's just your standard iPhone 6 case, it's sturdy and strong, so theres nothing I'd note as being spectacular in that sense but it's definitely not terrible either!

I have been desperate to share this Coconut Lane haul with you and the reason for that is; I'm now one of their brand ambassadors! And with this I can offer you lovely readers a discount code. When ordering any products from the website you can get 20% off by using this code. 

20% discount code: timetoseethestars20

Please do let me know whether you purchase anything and what you picked up? I can't wait till next payday when I'm thinking of picking up a few accessories and even a notebook or two. There's so much on offer on this website and I can't wait to see what other products they bring out in the future.

*I received this at a discounted price in return for this post & the discount code*


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