Lush Oxford Street Haul


Lush Oxford Street Haul - See The Stars Blog
Lush Oxford Street Haul - See The Stars Blog
Lush Oxford Street Haul - See The Stars Blog
Lush Oxford Street Haul - See The Stars Blog
Lush Oxford Street Haul - See The Stars Blog

Lush Oxford Street Haul. 

I did it, finally! I made my way to London and had the chance to check out Lush on Oxford Street and of course I couldn't leave empty handed. The worst part is I didn't really need anything, but then again do we ever NEED anything when we leave with a bag full of products from Lush? I didn't want to spend too much money as I was feeling a little bankrupt that month,so I think a £20 trip was average. 

Sadly I only saw the first level of this store as it was just a flying in visit, I hope that I can visit again in the future and see the other two floors. 

key lime pie lipbalm. This was a lucky pick up, I was waiting in a rather large queue with my other products where the balms are staring you in the face. I couldn't resist having a sniff and wanted to buy them all, although something about key lime pie took my fancy above the rest. It's a bright kiwi green product, that you rub on your lips like vaseline. It smells wonderful, the mix between the Sprite Lip Smackers I had when I was 15 and a big bag of skittles which I think is perfectly explained by it's lime and orange ingredients. Its so soothing on the lips and keeps them feeling soft for hours, which I think it's down to the Argan Oil. The price of this is a little steep, but I'm hoping it lasts me a little while and be worth the price tag. 

eye powder in HYPNOTIC. This was potentially a Oxford Street exclusive, seeing the makeup around other stores I assumed it was available online and unfortunately I can't find the link for you girls. It's the most beautiful grey and glistening eyeshadow, however it's a loose powder which is daunting for a girl like me. Obviously the more product you use the higher pigment, it's a blue/stone grey colour and oh the glitter, it's just so mesmerising. I've kind of purchased this with plans to use this with every makeup routine, and annoyingly it's made it's way to the back of the drawer and been unused since it's purchase. I think that's due to my fears of breaking the glass bottle or even dropping the powder everywhere, the clumsy possibilities are endless. 

daddy-o shampoo. As you may all be aware I recent took the plunge on my hair and went white blonde, in the hopes to go grey. I've been picking up as many silver/purple shampoo's as possible and finding the best for my hair, this quickly became top of this list after it's first use. My hair was really yellow after it's first trip to the hair dressers and I've been relying on silver shampoos and toners since, it's worked wonders and gradually my hair has reached the point I'm happy with. Personally I think this is a great product but I'll continue to purchase PRO:VOKE Shampoo as it's half the cost and does the exact same job.

Just a little haul, it's been a while since I've had a slurge in Lush. I guess my bank balance isn't complaining, but I could do with some more skin care so keep an eye out for future posts.


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