Prairie Charms Birthday Box


Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog
Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog
Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog
Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog
Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog
Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog
Prairie Charms Birthday Box - See The Stars Blog

Prairie Charms Birthday Box.

It's always an exciting day when a Prairie Charms Box arrives at my door, March saw them celebrating their first birthday as a company, and I've been lucky to work with them for that time. Working with them as part of design teams, sharing my thoughts and receiving many, many wonderful gifts, Prairie Charms is a truly wonderful company and I'm honoured to celebrate their birthday with them.

It's taken me a while to find the time to complete this post, so it's a little late and for that I apologise! Prairie Charms have been a wonderful brand to work with over this year and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table this year, I already know a few things they're planning and let me tell you now, it's exciting! 

Lavender Flower Power Chill Out Scented Wax Melts 
I'm obsessed every time Prairie Charms send me wax melts, frustratingly I don't have anything to melt them with. I need to buy a diffuser and pronto! Compared to some of the wax melts I've recieved in the past, these aren't my favourite. While they're super cute and bright colours, they've got a rather spicy scent and nothing something I'd associate with this time of year, but that's just personal preference. 

Ianthe Flower Silhouette Bracelet 
This dainty little bracelet is the most adorable jewellery item I've received, ever! It's a thin chain with a star silhouette linked, it's so simple but works wonderfully. Most jewellery products I receive I tend to put aside with my jewellery collection and wait to use for special occasions, but this has been worn since.  

Daisy Polka Dot Scrunchie 
I bloody love a good scrunhie! I love the simplisticity of the colours, blue with polka-dots and such clear and bright daisies, it's such an adorable colour combination and will look lovely when my grey hair I've recently cut my hair short so it's a little difficult to get the whole thing in an up-do, so I tend to accessories my scrunchies on my wrist! 

Azalea Carpe Diem Quote Postcard 
Quote cards are always a good choice, especially for us bloggers. A little inspiration goes a long way with so many people, this Carpe Diem 'Seize The Day' postcard is a unique size to compared to watch I've seen before, so finding a frame for this may be difficult. I'm currently looking at ways to get a little corner of my room filled with little inspirational quotes; I've ordered a few & I'll definitely be popping this on my wall too. 

Leilani Blossom & Butterfly Paper Straws 
These are almost too cute to use! I've been wanting to invest in some mason jar glasses recently and I might just do that for this summer, making some cocktails and use these straws when spending days in the sun with my friends. I love the mixture of colours with the floral patterns and the use of gold foils, such a pretty combination and perfect for this time of year. 

Rosy Posey Hair Bow 
I've recieved so many hair products in this box and sadly I think this is my least favourite. It's a soft purple shade with pink & green floral design, while it's admittedly's just not me! It's a little clip bow, which I've got a few similar from Prairie Charms and it'll probably find it's use at some point. 

Ivy Spring Blooms Retro Wire Hair Wrap 
I worn this hair wrap not long ago to work; I have a few wraps and never get the chance to wear them. We got to choose which colour we wanted for this hair wrap and I went on the safe side with black, which was ultimately the best choice for me. Since dying my hair white/grey, it really benefits form the contrast in colours and black works wonders for that. 

Fleur Heart Steampunk Necklace
I'll admit, in my teen years I loved costume jewellery and this would've been perfect for me back then. It's a lengthy chain with a cute floral, heart steampunk design. I'm not totally in love with this design, won't stop me from keeping it close by incase I find a reason to wear it. 

Delphine Knot Tie Pack 
With every box, I guarantee I'll receive a pack of these knot ties and every time I'm stupidly excited for them. Each time they're filled with colour and pattern which work perfectly with the theme of the box, this time round we were given a choice colours! I opted for the green, as I'm still on the khaki green hype. These just add that extra bit of colour and life to having an up-do hairstyle. 

Wishing Prairie Charms a happy belated birthday!? Thanks for continuing to produce super cute products and wanting to work with a little blogger like myself, you take everyone's ideas on board and take your time to read our posts and always send lovely responses. 


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