Sunday Summary #1


Sunday Summary 1 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 1 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 1 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 1 - See The Stars Blog

Sunday Summary #1

Over the years I've seen many bloggers share their thoughts with the world on a Sunday, something I once tried and failed to do. I've decided that my blog needs to become a focus of mine, to distract myself from the world of bad thoughts and work. So [fingers crossed] I can make this a weekly series and share with you the things that I've been up to, the thoughts I've been having and sharing some of my favourite bloggers! 

This week certainly has been a mix of emotions, while I've had some quality time with family and friends I've also felt so down in the dumps, it's heartbreaking to think that I sound so ungrateful for the time I've spent with people but I hope they understanding that's theres a little more too it and that's not the case. There's been a lot of tears and overthinking on my part. I recently posted a very personal post, here. About the struggles I'm currently having and the fear of battling them alone. I ws inspired by this post, here. Thank you Sophie, your post gave me the motivation to become a little more open about what I've been going through. But I've had so much support and want to thank every person who's left me comments and tweets, but I'll be mentioning those guys a little more later on. 

Along with some personal struggles with my mental health I've also dealt with anniversaries of deaths. It's been six months since out family dog passed away and while I'm pretty open about talking about him and how much he's missed, my family still aren't quiet ready; so I spent alot of that day thinking of him. Just a few days later was the 4th anniversary of loosing my nan (my step-nan), who was a huge part of my life growing up and I'll never forget that. There were a few issues between her and my family before she passed away, and hadn't seen her for a few months beforehand. While I understand and agree with my family reasonings, I'll always have that regret. 

With all this heartbreak I came across this photo of me and tom way back when. It's been 4 years that we've been together and it's been the most wonderful 4 years. When I came across this photo I remember how the day went & what brought along capturing that moment. He's been there for me since day one and had to deal with so much shit from me and never once has complained, he'll sit, listen and has definitely gotten used to me crying; LOADS. I just hope he knows how grateful I am for that. The more uplifting things happened this week; I popped some dye on my hair. In the space of a month I've gone from the girl with highlighted brunette hair, to bleach blonde to white blonde. It's been a massive change to my hair but I'm having so much fun creating a change I've wanted for so long, so I then went grey! Silver grey (kind of) which turned out more grey/green/blue! I'm not overly in love with the look but I'm toning away the colours and slowly falling in love with it. 

I watched Jungle book for the second time this week & then said goodbye to my social life from Thursday onwards. I'd ask if you're on #teamcap or #teamironman but I've heard so much about Captain Americas release I'm a little tired by it now. Working in a cinema is so great a times but super busy on weekends likes this, so I'm super grateful for my day off today. 

Although I have been a little busy with work; I've also tried to bring back my blogging bug. I don't have much spare time to do much blog related so finding an hour here and there is pretty difficult. With everything I'm feeling lately, I want to find the spare time to really concentrate on my blogging and make it my hobby again. Make it the distraction is first became and hopefully see it blossom to a blog I was getting it to a few months ago. 

And now to the bloggers this week; but boy there feels like so many to mention. Firstly this week I got involved in a couple of twitter chats which worked out wonderfully for me, I got to chat and get to know so many new bloggers and catch up with others I've not spoken to for a while. 

- Emmy's Beauty Cave; Emmy has been my rock for a while now, ever feeling down I can garuntee this girl will be a tweet away and she'll have all the right things to say and then we'll spend hours catching Disney and that makes her perfect! 
-Life Of A Thinker; Liam, is such a kind hearted soul. Whatever mood I'm in, Liam will always been around to make me smile. Though he's noticed how miserable I am half the time and has now nicknamed me Mardy Bum! He's got a pun for everything, so quick witted and will always be around to support me! 
-Princess Parasox;  Jenna has been wonderful to me these last few days! With my latest post I've been a little apprehensive to open up about my struggles and Jenna's has been cheering me on from every corner of the internet. 
-Sarah in Wonderland; Sarah's always inspired me when it comes to being open on my blog, she write so many perfect and personal posts. It's her blog and she's so confident with that, I'm definitely taking steps to be a little more like her. We've also decided we both want to open a home where we can be loved by puppies 24/7 and I think that should definitely go ahead!
-White Daisy Blue Jeans; I hadn't really spoken to Kayleigh much until this week and now I couldn't imagine now speaking. We've got so many things in common, I think we'd be a perfect match on a trip to Ikea? She's cheered me up so much this week and I can't wait to continue getting to know her and her personality. 

And there you have it, my Sunday Summary. I'm hoping each week I can share snippets of the things I've gotten up to, share pictures and share some of my favourite bloggers. With that, I'd also LOVE to know about about you'll and what you've been up to this week. 
Hope you're all well xo


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