Sunday Summary #2


Sunday Summary 2 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 2 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 2 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 2 - See The Stars Blog

Sunday Summary #2

It's 11:50pm on Saturday evening and I've only just finished editing photos I took days ago, I've had every intention of blogging in my free time this week and at every opportunity I've sadly failed. Blogging isn't my forte I'm guessing, it's not the thing I'm destined to do..but I continue trying and will continue to grow this little corner of my internet.  

So last week, I started writing this sunday summary and even though I'm already struggling I shall continue to try. Last week I poured my heart out; told the world how I'm struggling and I kind of hoped by putting it out there, I could put it out of my mind. While it's not 100% out of my mind, I've started to put it past me. Focus on the good and well distract myself with the things that matter. 

After a terribly busy Bank Holiday at work, (damn you Captain America & Jungle Book!) I got to spend some time with some of my closest friends. I'd not stopped working from 9am to 5:30, and I mean, none stop working. So I clocked out and rushed to see my besties. I met them just opposite work and tucked into my favourite meal from Frankie & Benny's, it was wonderful just spending that care-free time with my best friends, sadly Tom was missing from the evening and that made me a little miserable. 
I continued to see friends this week & caught up with an old college friend, we not only caught up on everything that we'd been up too, we went out for lunch and then spent a little too much money purchasing the new Disney Lego Mini-figurine collection; that day I got my hands on Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Ursula & Aladdin. I traded a Toy Story Alien for Ursula as that was Josh was after. I thought I was a little crazy wanted to indulge in these purchases but thankfully Josh saw the fun and joined in. Since this day I've picked up three more and have added Daisy Duck, Alice in Wonderland & Peter Pan, this collection has barely been out a week and I'm already almost half way through, yippee! 
I was lucky enough to see my best friend this weekend too. Luckily she was back home this weekend and only for the one day, thankfully I'd made no plans and we got the chance to catch up, gossip and watched Bad Neighbours 2. Which by the way, I recommend you watch. SO hilarious, a little crude but hilarious. 

After a busy weekend at work & managing to see friends, I've actually spent majority of this week working. With new films out these last few weeks it's still rather busy at work, it's nice to have a busy atmosphere at work but it's also so much more rewarding when it's my day off. Spending those free mornings & my day off taking lots and lots of photos for my blog, and editing them in my spare time. 

I've also been quiet lucky with some more purchases this week. I finally ordered some bits from Coconut Lane and I'm extremely excited to share this haul with you later on this week. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek of whats to come. I've also been after some white trainers lately; preferably Adidas but unfortunately I've not had the funds to justify that! But I was lucky enough to find these white trainers which were pretty similar in H&M. They've got a little platform on them which makes them so incredibly 90's but they've been super comfortable! 

Every evening this week I've started watching one too many tv series. I've been trying to watch an episode a night of Once Upon A Time, a few days ago I dug out my Sabrina The Teenage Witch boxset which kept me entertained and brought back all those nostalgic feelings, I remember how much I loved this series as a kid & how much I wished witchcraft & a talking cat could be real, anyone else? And for any of you UK readers, I began re-watching Shameless. Such a tacky TV show and embarrassingly portrays some areas of Britain more accurately than we wish, it's just so good. 
By the time this goes live I'll have started my morning shift at work, let's hope it isn't too busy for me and the people are kind. Happy sunday everyone, I hope you're all well. 

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  1. How are you getting on with once upon a time? Its bad but so good all at the one time!


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