Sunday Summary #3

Sunday Summary 3 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 3 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 3 - See The Stars Blog
Sunday Summary 3 - See The Stars Blog

Sunday Summary #3 

I'm rather irritated I didn't upload a post last Sunday, I think life got in the way. Thankfully I'm back this week and with lots to talk about, so I hope you're all ready. 

Starting last Monday off right, I started a training course at work which hopefully in a few months time will result in a promotion or a change of location at work. This is something I'm not getting my hopes up for but just knowing I'm capable of learning the skills I need and the management team noticing that has given me such a buzz when it comes to working. After a daunting yet successful afternoon, I headed to the beer garden with some friends from work. What was meant to be a couple of drinks & dinner, resulted in me walking in my house at 3am. While I regretted it greatly on my shift the next morning, I had so much fun. Then the following weekend my family and I headed into Tamworth (about hour away from home) to celebrate my brothers girlfriends 21st birthday. We stopped overnight and made a trip of it, which isn't too exciting in a place like Tamworth but the party was fun and that's all that matters. We headed to her's and her twin sisters party to lots of unfamiliar faces, we met majority of her family for the first time and we all got a little tipsy. Watching my mother down jagerbombs with my brother and his friends was something I never thought I'd witness. The rest of the week involved lots of working, which isn't a shock anymore. 

I've continued to see friends this week, I forgot how good it felt to take a little stroll down to McDonald's, eat a chicken sandwich and catch up over milkshakes. I felt 16 not 22, but every so often me and my friends use McDonald's as our meeting place, usually so that alcohol doesn't get involved and we can get home at a reasonable time.

Did you notice the embroidered dress above? Isn't it gorgeous? I purchased this from Boohoo last week, when I first tried it on I wasn't completely head over heels for the style, but after finding the right pair of shoes and challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone I decided to wear this for a surprise birthday party this weekend. Surprise parties are always fun, although I'm sure the lad knew one, it was great fun to watch him arrive and be so happy to see everyone to celebrate his 21st. I headed to the party with my best friend and my mother, and was joined with so many of my favourite people from my dance school. I've been attending said dance school for almost 18 years now and it warms my heart when we all get involved in something and get to celebrate together, I've gotten to meet so many lovely people from my weekend hobby and I wouldn't change that for the world. The photo above is the makeup I wore for this party, I'd lost the motivation to wear makeup last month, I would either go makeup free or just be very bland with what I was wearing. My best friend asked me to do mine and the other bridesmaids makeup for her wedding in September and since then have realised it's time to improve my game and already in a few weeks I feel like I've found my touch for makeup again. I love what I'm achieving with my eyeshadows and my contour has never looked this good! I'm also getting compliments from people, a manager at work told me to look into doing makeup as an on the side job. It's great to hear people think you're capable of doing these things. 

While I've been lucky to have a social life the last few weeks, I've also been working, a lot. So in between I've been using every opportunity to binge on tv and films, I'm not sure how I've managed to fit so much in but luckily I have! I've been watching Once Upon A Time almost every day for the last couple of weeks, only watching an episode each night before bed...almost like being read a fairy tale before bed, hehe. I'm not completely caught up yet, I'm still on season 3. Keeping in theme with the fairy tales, I watched a few Disney films this week. Shamefully I've not watching Snow White or Sleeping Beauty much so I grabbed a cuppa, climbed into bed and watched these both a few days ago...let me tell you now, I regret not watching them as much as the others as they're such great films. 

I want to say it's a quick post today but it's gotten rather lengthy. I'm off to a friends wedding reception this evening, so I'll catch you up on that possibly next week.


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