Sunday Summary #4


Sunday Summary - See The Stars
Sunday Summary - See The Stars

Sunday Summary - See The Stars

Sunday Summary #4

I think I'll start every Sunday Summary with the statement, 'I don't know where the weeks gone', 'It's been a crazy week' or 'wow, I've worked stupid amounts this week'. Either way it's usually true. I can't quiet remember what I've done this week, which either means it's been so much I've forgotten or I've spent too much time at work and now my brains gone to mush...and I think I'm going with the later. 

Today's my first day off since Monday and I'll be spending the day helping my parents do some gardening and then get cosy and probably fall asleep on Tom later in the evening. Last week I told you I was off to my friends sister's wedding reception. It was in a beautiful hotel and I got to chat with my best friends, though the bar was a little pricey overall it was a lovely evening. 

During work this week it's been rather quiet while we wait for the release of a few films. Last night I FINALLY watched the 2010 Alice in Wonderland, which means I can go watch the new release on my next day off, woo! During the slow periods I've snuck off to the Costa joining our cinema and I've been learning how to make coffee, can't call me a barista just yet but give me a chance. Fingers crossed I'll perfect the Latte's & Cappuccinos soon, but the Flat White's will take me some time...I must point out, my managers knew where I was & I've been given the go-ahead to get trained up. Along with watching Alice, a few new films have been released this weekend which I'm desperate to watch, so I may end up doing a little review on each by next week. I'm currently still binge watching Once Upon A Time & patiently awaiting the return of Orange Is The New Black, exciting! 

I spent some time in the sun this week and got sunburnt after an hour...and since have decided that summer and sunshine is no longer for me. I once was the girl who could tan instantly and be bronzed and now I go bright red and sore, I miss the simpler days but now I guess fake tan will become my best friend. Last week I mentioned how I've been improving my makeup skills and it just keeps improving, I'm extremely happy! This week I've noticed how well I can apply winged liner, before it was pretty average and without jinxing myself, I'm getting a perfect flick on both eyes and that just makes me giddy, hehe. 

I've been finding time to blog this week, checking out people's posts, organising weeks of posts, finding a new photography layout and I've been lucky enough to have pretty wild things work on my blog design. Isn't it beautiful, I've been kind of hoping that I can get my blog back on track, find my love again and well and truly get organised. I've constantly been hoping to do this, trying and failing, which is honestly the most frustrating thing. With a new design, layout and followers continuing the climb, I'm finally getting everything in order. I'm trying to get to grips with SEO too, which isn't going too great. This has gotten a little rambl-ey but all you need to know is See The Stars is improving and although it could take me some time and many attempts, I'll continue to try. 

Last but not least, I wanted to mention some bloggers this week who have made me smile...actually they always make me smile and they continue to support me, I just wanted to spread some love and tell you that if you've not already, please go take a read of these wonderful blogs;

- Emmy at Emmy's Beauty Cave 
- Katrina at Katrina Frances
- Sarah at Sarah in Wonderland
- Kayleigh at  White Daisy Blue Jeans
- Jessie at All Things Beautiful
- Emily at Emilina
- Liam at Life Of A Thinker

Hope you're all well & enjoy this sunny bank holiday Sunday. 


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