A Colour Freedom Review.


Colour Freedom Grey Hair Dye - See The Stars Blog
Colour Freedom Grey Hair Dye - See The Stars Blog

A Colour-Freedom Review. 

If you haven't seen my twitter or instagram in the last couple of  weeks you may not be aware of my recent hair-style change. Since the age of 17 I've wanted to make the drastic change from brunette to blonde to silver/grey and at the age of 23 I finally took the plunge. While it's still in working progress it's finally at a stage I'm happy with, with a little help from many hair dyes and toners. When first going towards this colour after my 5 hours at the salon I left the chair with hair that was yellow/blonde and I felt totally uncomfortable walking home, but when I did I put in an order for more silver shampoo and white toners, after a few weeks I finally got my hair to that white blonde stage without adding anymore damaging dyes or bleach. 

I wanted to make an honest review on these colour-freedom products I've used on my hair, while I'm not completely obsessed with their results they've helped my hair get that one step towards my colour choice!

As soon as I made my hair change, I knew I wanted to go towards the grey colour and I saw this on offer at Superdrug, so of course I picked it up! It's a non-permanent hair colour, I popped it on for around an hour to really let the brassiness leave my hair and really let the grey soak in.
Unfortunately, this didn't work out the way it suggested it would. I think my hair needed to be a much whiter blonde for it to really work, but with my hair still being light I was hoping it would take a little better. Honestly the fact it didn't work wasn't the issue, it's turned my hair a mouldy green! Ew, I didn't want that AT ALL. I was going to take progress photos but was so disappointed I went no where near a camera until the colour had calmed down. This products is available in a range of colours and also a product is available to pastelise the colour too, which I don't think would work that well anyway.

Personally I'm not going to be using this product on my hair again, this box suggests that it can add grey tones from an ashy/brown shade and with it not working on a lighter hair shade I'm very disappointed.

Now, this ones a little more complicated to explain my feelings! This was the permanent dye and a little higher in price, so I felt it was a little risky. To calm down my previous colour, I mixed this with a little toner and kept the dye on for roughly an hour. As soon as I applied to my hair I noticed a change instantly, I tend to sit with toners and grey dyes on my hair longer than the suggested time, I'm sure I shouldn't but so far my hair is still in good condition and with these shades my hair always takes a little longer to take to them. 

Just like the non-permanent bottle, this left my hair a little green again. But this time it wasn't as obvious and I've managed to work that green out of my hair from leaving silver shampoo on for a few hours at least once each week. By applying this silver grey bottle onto my hair, I've managed to get my hair to that staple grey I've been longing for, but I've found that it's the maintenance and the constant use of silver shampoos that have really made the difference to my hair.

While I'm positive that both of these products have been a step towards getting this grey shade I've longed for, I've had to deal with a few days of awkward hair colourings and general dislike of the shade on my head. I recently sat with Lush Daddy-O on my head for almost two hours, my hair now has this perfect shade of silver grey with the softest hints of purple. I'll continue to try different colouring products and will document my findings to my blog, silver shampoos will be my next review I think.

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