A Guide To A Lazy Night In For One.


Lazy Night In For One - See The Stars
Lazy Night In For One - See The Stars
Lazy Night In For One - See The Stars

A Guide To Pamper A Night For One.

It's very rare I get the evening to myself, I'll either spend my time with Tom (the boyfriend), with friends or generally just working. While I work a part time/shift job, hours change from week to week so I can't really plan ahead for these evening. While I'm usually a little sulky on the days that I'm not seeing Tom, I usually get a little excited because I can get right into my pjs, watch netflix and cheesy girly films and attempt to be a great blogger.

Realisically I'm not trying to tell you how to spend your evenings or even the correct way of relaxing; instead I wanted to share some insight as to how I un-wind from a hectic day, and maybe give you all some inspiration if you're at a loss when it comes to an evening by yourself.

Although not essential, comforting! Whether it be my Pjs or just a comfortable clothing choice, I need to get out of my uniform and fast. In the colder months you can gurantee I'll be wearing my biggest hoodie & cosiest slippers, but now it's getting a little warmer it's time to crack out the short pj sets and sometimes a cup of tea isn't always the answer. In fact during the summer months I enjoy a good evening to myself with one of those alcohol slushies! And ice drinks, alcoholic or not are definitely my thing!

Just like many of you, my favourite thing to do once I'm home is remove my makeup. Another thing I've really been enjoying lately is a giving my skin that extra freshen up by applying ultrabland to remove all the excess makeup before applying ocean salt & breath of fresh air to just give my skin that really fresh feeling, which has been working perfectly over the last couple of day with this humid heat in the air.

Although right now it's summer and it's humid as hell, my favourite part of a movie night is my bed. Whether I'm just sat on top of my sheets (but completely cosy with all my pillows & cushions) or I'm snug as a bug, I love getting into my bed, fairy lights on around my room and usually a seasonal scented candle, ahh bliss!

Ah now, the crucial part! You can't beat an evening filled with movies. At the age of 15 I became a series film binge watcher, watching 2 or 3 films a night...and yes usually predictable chick flick, but I like what I like, don't judge! I've mentioned this a few times but I'm currently OBSESSED with Once Upon A Time and for a few nights any free moment would be spent watching an episode, in the last couple of weeks I've been lucky to work morning shifts meaning I have my evenings to myself and so I've been watching A LOT of cheesy chick flicks. Love Rosie, A Walk To Remember & 27 Dresses to name a few.

Quiet evenings to myself either come once in a while or will happen for a week straight, either way I love the chance to switch off and sit and cry over my old favourite rom-coms. Monday's have almost become my evenings in as Tom is usually working, so its a win - win situation for me. I'm writing this in advance - it's saturday evening, the footballs on and I'm stupidly excited for monday evening when I can watch My Girl and cry for a few hours. (You may have noticed I enjoy watching sad film..not too sure why, but they're usually such beautiful films).

What's your favourite films? I'm currently building up a list of films I've not yet but must watch! 

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  1. These are such great tips and I agree with all of them! Nothing beats staying in for a movie night xx

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