eBay Makeup Brushes.


eBay Makeup Brushes

I feel as though this is an exciting post for not only me but for you lovelies too. As makeup nerds through and through we all love finding new bits and pieces to buy when it comes to our collection and a couple weeks back I decided it was time to expand my brushes collection and I went in search on eBay and came across these bad boys. 

I managed to order 10 brushes, five face brushes and five eyeshadows, which is exactly what I was after. If I've ever ordered from eBay before I could only ever find one or the other and now a set of both is available everywhere I look...so I clearly wasn't doing a good job last time. They've each got there own use for application, the face brushes are: a precision face brush, flat top buffing foundation brush, blush brush, face powder brush, powder blush brush. And the eyeshadows brushes: flat top shadow brush, angle flat top shadow brush, eyeshadow brush, blooming brush, blooming brush detail powder brush. 

Personally, I've definitely not used these for each of their original purpose, instead I've been seeing what works best for me and going with the flow. I've found that both the face powder and powder blush brush have been working well to apply and blend my contouring, while I've been using the flat top buffing brush to apply my pressed powder. My minds a little torn when it comes to these brushes, while they're in quiet good condition, sometimes my application comes off a little patchy and a few bristles have been falling out while I'm using them. I've been longing for brushes like these for quiet some time but I'm never able to justify the price tag of certain brands, so while these aren't 100% perfect they're working brilliantly for the price I paid. 

Just like the face brushes, the bristle on these have a little fall out too. It's not something that's damaging the brushes right away I'm just worried what will happen over time? So if you've had brushes like these, please let me know what they're like. I've found use for all five eyeshadow brushes, while I've got plenty of brushes for application I wanted more for blending. I've found that the blooming brush helps to add definition to my crease and isn't as dense as the other blooming brushes I own, it's much easier to add little colour now. I've been using the angle flat top and the eyeshadow brush for blend in my colours and just like the blooming brush it gives off a much gentler touch which gives off a much softer effect of my eyes. 

I adore the colouring of these brushes, I only have a little variety in my collection and the majority of my brushes are Real Techniques so these have added a little colour and contrast in my brush pot (which btw I have to buy a bigger pot, it's full now).

While I'm a little skeptical on how well these will last for the price tag I'll always look at eBay before checking out other brushes & brands. If you're looking for some well priced brushes you'll find these right, here. 


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