Love Is Love: Makeup Look.


See The Stars - PRIDE
See The Stars - PRIDE
See The Stars - PRIDE
See The Stars - PRIDE
See The Stars - PRIDE

Love is Love.

Do you ever get that buzz when you do good on your makeup? I genuinely did a little squeal when I completed this look, so of course I couldn't resist sharing with you.

I like monochrome, I like to keep things simple but I'll always have a soft spot for the bright colours. I mean it took me 2 months before I made my hair bright pink when I'd worked towards grey for so long. And similar to that, I've always wanted to experiment with eyeshadows, especially bright colours. Something I wouldn't do with my everyday look and following Nikki Tutorials this happened and I couldn't be happier.

I love how this look represents PRIDE!

I've had these bright coloured palettes gathering dust in my makeup collection for while now and I decided it was time to make use of them. I thought they'd blend terribly and I'd look a rainbow mess but it worked wonders and I'm still excited by the outcome. The palette on the right was from bodycare a fairly cheap palette and perfect for experiments like this, I only used the yellow as it was the best for pigmentation and yet it still took a little more build than other colours. The orange was from the makeup revolution palette and the rest we're from the BHCosmeticsBlending took a little more effort than usual, a lot of going back and forth but I got the colours right in the end and supringly, adding the colours on my water line was the easiest for the colouring and the blending...and I'm saying that because I'm usually terrible at applying eyeshadow near my waterline. 

I'm just so pleased with how this worked out and wished I'd attempted this look either last year when I was working at Birmingham Pride or a couple weeks back when I had the opportunity to attend this years. Maybe I'll keep this in mind for next year instead. 

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  1. You look completely gorgeous! Love the look, it's super confident and fun - make sure you keep playing with brighter colours, they look uh-maaazing on you :)

    Rebecca xx
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