Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses.

Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars
Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars
Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars
Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars
Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars
Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars
Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses - See The Stars

Makeup Tips For Glasses & Contact Lenses. 

I've been wearing glasses for a number of years, so much so I rely heavily on my glasses each day. I started wearing my glasses at 14 and majority of the time my vision deteriorates as the years go by, because of this my glasses have become a staple to my everyday life and with that I've worn makeup with my glasses for a number of years. While I don't call myself an expert when it comes to beauty, I like to think I know a little something about my frames, today I wanted to share the things I've learnt about my makeup routine and how I can combine these whether I'm wearing my frames or I'm wearing contact lenses. 

Keep It Simple
While I highly encourage you do what ever the hell you like when it comes to your style, if you're new to wearing glasses and you're still finding your feet when it comes to wearing makeup..keep things simple. A soft eyeshadow look, soft crease definition or simply the cat eye. These looks are effective and add definition to your eyes whether or not you wear them with or without your frames. 

Define The Brows 
I've trialled many different shapes and frames over the years and something I've noticed over the last few years is the different in my eyes once I've defined my brows. Adding that colour to your brows gives structure and definition to your eyes. As my current frames are quiet large they tend to open up my eyes but also cover my brows, adding that definition makes sure they're seen behind the frames and if I ever forget my eyes look a little washed out without my brows now. 

Light Colours 
I'm a massive fan of dark colours for my eyes; smokey eyes, deep colours and thick and full looks etc. But something I've noticed recently is how light colours can change a whole look. I'll either concentrate on rose golds, pinks with a heavy crease - which can really open up the eyes. However I can also keep my smokey eye, just by adding a bright shimmery colour to the inner corner or a light focus colour really widens up my eyes while adding more definition to the smokey colours. 

Although I've been wearing both glasses and lenses over the years I can find them to be quiet discomforting from time to time. So finding a routine with my makeup means that I can cover up that feeling, keeping my eyes open and bright contributes to hiding that heavy feeling. When wearing my glasses I want to find a makeup look that doesn't make my eyes look small or hidden. Something I like about wearing my 1 Day Acuvue Moist by FeelGoodContacts is that I can experiment a little more with those looks, brightening up the eyes is essential my everyday makeup routine lately whereas before I loved the dark and definitively looks. Something I've come to realise about my heavier looks is that I have to be aware of the fall out and wear throughout the day. While I can be experimental with or without my frames I tend to experience dry eyes so my makeup wears away because of that. Over the recent months I've learnt to only wear my lenses on more 'special occasion' days and to move away from my darker and edgier looks, especially when wearing my frames.

The biggest tip I can give to you is, experiment with your makeup looks; not only are you improving your makeup skills but with everything it's trial and error. Take on board the tips I'm sharing today but also see what suits you and learn from the mistake you may make. Let me know how you get on, I'd love to see the makeup looks you create.

*this post was written for sponsored content, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own* 


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  1. I rely on glasses too, but lately I swung more towards my contacts!

    I definitely agree with the whole lighter colours thing though. I think bolder/darker colours take over a little when you're wearing glasses.

    Kayla | daintydweeb.wordpress.com


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