May Favourites


Monthly Favourites May - See The Stars
Monthly Favourites May - See The Stars
Monthly Favourites May - See The Stars
Monthly Favourites May - See The Stars

May Favourites. 

I haven't done a favourites since January, yes JANUARY. What a terrible blogger I am, when it comes to posts I should post constantly, I always forget...also haven't used many new products until this month so I suppose that's a better excuse. This month has been a cheeky one, lots of cheeky purchases and I still had money left over at the end of the month, #noregrets. 

It's been a rather lucky month for beauty products, while I'm the type of girl who once she finds a product she likes she hates to let it go, I also love trying new bits and pieces. This month I took a little splurge in Superdrug, Coconut Lane & on eBay for some new beauty bits. I made quite a large purchase when in Superdrug and shared everything, here. If you read this post you'll know how in love with these products I am. My particular favroutites being; the Day 2 Night Mascara I'm pretty much obsessed with this product, I have a post coming which focuses on this mascara so I don't want to discuss it too much. Just know it leaves my lashes looking so full and thick yet doesn't go clumpy. My other favourite from this purchase has been the 066 Heather Shimmer Rimmel lipstick. I've come to a phase in my makeup life where lipstick's don't seem to suit me, not sure why or how, but whenever I pop any on I feel very uncomfortable. When I picked this up I fell head over heels for the deep brown tone nude and will continue to use this until I'm out of my lipstick slump. I also made a cheeky order of 10 makeup brushes on eBay this month. Unlike most of these purchase which take around a month to arrive, these took a matter of days and I've been using them for my makeup routine since. Again, I'll be posting a more detailed review soon, so keep an eye out for that.

I was lucky enough to be involved with Coconut Lane this month and made a couple of purchases which I shared in a post, here. My favourite purchase being this beautiful tropical phone case, it has such stunning colours and I'm in just in love. The lovely people at Coconut Lane have allowed me to share a discount code with you lovelies, so if you find anything you like..grab yourself 20% off using: timetoseethestars20 

I've been wearing winged eyeliner A LOT. It's a quick and easy makeup look and when I need to rush out the door it's perfect. I've been rediscovering my old eyeliners that have gathered dust. I received this Eyeko FAT Liquid Liner in a Birchbox a couple months ago, when I first attempted to use it I was very disappointed but something about it this time round...I can now apply a more precise winged look and anything that assists me with that is fab for me. I've also been obsessed with my contour this month, my face looks so bare without it now. I've recently purchased a contour palette however my all-time favourite right now has to be the Freedom Contour Stick which sadly is running out, so I'll have to repurchase soon. My final beauty bit for the month is the Cocoa Butter gradual fake tan, apply evenly and after a few hours a bronzed tan begins to appear, while I've messed it up a few times it's been a perfect product to start with as I haven't fake tanned in quiet a while now.

Tv, Films & Books
I don't have many bits I've watched this month, other than LOTS of Disney & fairytales. I've very much spent a little too much time watch Once Upon A Time this month, it was very stop/start while watching the first two seasons but once I got past those I'm easily watching a few episodes each day. I tend to only watch it on an evening, once I've finished my day and climbed into bed..then while I think it's only been one episodes, I've watched 3 or 4 and suddenly it's 3am, oops. Keeping in theme with OUAT, I watched a few Disney films. I think the mix of the fairy tales and all the excited stories of the TV series got me desperate to see the disney classics. I watched both Sleeping Beauty & Snow White during one of my days off, these two are my least watched films and I always regret that when I watch them again. They're such cute films and they made me miss Disneyland more than anything.

With the Disney madness going on in my head, I also picked up a few too many Disney LEGO this month. The mini-figurine collection was released at the beginning of this month and within the first week I'd picked up 7 of the figurines. I'd taken a little break after spending a bit too much money, before picking up more and sadly being all duplicates. Thankfully I've found a mutual, blogging, disney loving friend and well we'd decided to help each other out, so thank you Katrina, you gem!

May was a really good month in terms of my makeup collection and finding time for myself during my hectic work schedule. I'd started to write weekly posts of the things I've been getting up to, if you're like me and enjoy being nosey. I hope that June continues to be filled with fun too. 


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  1. That phone case is absolutely stunning! Nothing beats a good Disney film, nothing beats the old classics either xx

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