Sunday Summary #5


Sunday Summary - See The Stars
Sunday Summary - See The Stars
Sunday Summary - See The Stars
Sunday Summary - See The Stars

Sunday Summary #5

It honestly feels like yesterday I was writing last weeks post, woah! 
It's Sunday morning, I've got work in 2 hours and I'm sat writing a post in my pajama's. I'm definitely going to be late for work today, oh shit. And as you guessed it, I spent the majority of my week at work which I suppose isn't a bad thing, most people who blog work full time, so maybe one day I'll stop mentioning it! It was half term this week, so as you can imagine it's been rather hectic...I'm excited for it to be quiet again starting tomorrow. Thankfully even through my hectic week, I've managed to watch a handful of films and made plans to watch a few more next week, job perks right! While the rest of the week was crazy, Bank Holiday Monday was reasonably quiet so I finished my shift a little early and headed straight into a screen to watch Money Monster which was fab! I've always liked Jack McDonnell after Skins and I just fell in love with him after this film. That same day I took another trip to the cinema and watched Alice Through The Looking Glass, again a fab film. So much magic, colour and perfectly sharing the world that is Alice in Wonderland. Watching Alice in Wonderland & continuing to binge watch Once Upon A Time means I'm also desperately missing Disneyland this week, oh I miss the magic!

Yesterday me and Tom had decided to finally watch X-Men Apocalypse, unfortunately his car broke down just as we were leaving and it left our day at a bit of a loss. Luckily we switched the mood and headed into town for food at Rub Smokehouse instead, I had the American Voodoo cocktail and a waffle for desert. Tom tried Insanity Taco's with some crazy hot sauce, which was a little too HOT! I'm glad we managed to turn the day around, I just felt so helpless when the car broke..I know nothing when it comes to cars ha. 
I also think I've FINALLY found my routine when it comes to blogging, throughout a busy week I've still managed to find time to photograph, write & schedule posts as well as keeping my promoting strong through Twitter. I hope I can keep this up now! I've started using my iPad a little more, using it as the device to read blog posts, which I haven't done in a while - sorry! I've started using Buffer a scheduling app to share my posts and links on twitter. It's found the most interactive times and shares my posts throughout the day. 
I've become a little tired of my hair this week, while it's taken me months to get my hair this white blonde I've desperate for I can't help but want to experiment with colour a little more. Which I can thank Helen Anderz for entirely, this beautiful blogger has the most fun when it comes to her fashion, makeup and hair style...I think it's time I take her inspiration and actually be a little more experimental. This time next week maybe I'll be sharing a photo of my bright purple hair - also maybe not. It'll either be MORE grey, lilac or purple depending on my mood when I find the time to do some dying, eeek! You're 100% welcome to help me decide, please let me know which colour you think I should experiment with this week? 
Today's just a quick one as I desperately need to get ready for work, oops. Half hour to get ready, eat and get out the door, I'm sure I can manage that! I hope you're all well and have a fab Sunday day, I'll speak to you again next week! 


  1. Okay so before I even read this post - I absolutely LOVE that Alice mug, it's so cute and quirky!
    Buffer is my favourite scheduling app - are you enjoying it?
    I'm glad you've enjoyed your week, and have found your blogging routine. As I've said multiple times - I'm not a stalker I swear! - I enjoy and look forward to reading your posts, so the fact that you have gotten into a routine your happy with, makes me happy!

    I definitely recommend you try something more subtle with your hair before you go for a bright, bold colour. Maybe like a subtle lilac? I think that would be lovely.

    kayla @

  2. I love your mug!!
    Also, money monster is SUCH A GOOD FILM!
    I use tweet deck to schedule now cause there's no limit of posts your can schedule (not that I've found anyway!)
    Hope you have a lovely week xx
    - Arora xx


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