Sunday Summary #6 : Goodbye Drinks


Sunday Summary #6 

I've officially fallen in love with this series, catching not only you lovely lot but myself on my week and the things I've been up to. This week has been rather relaxed, actually crazily relaxed. Work has been quiet and so has everyday life. 
To start off this week, I learnt a few more things at work which is always exciting...programming films for the week is something I found a little complicated but once I'd managed to get my head round it, I felt great! It's the simple things that keep me going. On Monday evening after my successful shift at work, I met up with some girls from work and we headed into watch Me Before You. I know there's mixed opinions on this film, and down to that I won't talk much about it. I haven't yet read this book so I can't compare in that sense, however I was extremely hyped for this film I love the main actors and I couldn't wait to see this film. And I'm actually gutted to say I didn't enjoy it! I fell in love with Sam Claflin in Love, Rosie (a film I highly recommend you watch). While I thought he was great, I was sadly put off by Emilia Clarks acting. Haven't really been able to pin point why, I loved her bubbly energy but some moments in the film could've been better...ANYWAY, I didn't want to talk much on that film now did I, sorry. This week, I finally watched X-Men Apocalypse which wasn't too bad, I was suffering with a migraine throughout the showing and literally watched the clock until I could leave. 
Me and my brother went shopping this week, while it was meant for Fathers Day gifts and a friends birthday present, I got a little side-tracked and treated myself A much so, I'm ashamed to admit what I brought, but the embroidered top is a sneak peek on one of my favourite purchases. I picked up a few new summer outfits, I love winter wear and when summer comes around, I'm never prepared. So a few thin and short tops were exactly what I needed, especially for these crazy humid days. 
My friend is leaving me this summer and heading to America to do our dream on her own. I'm unbelievable proud of her and can't wait to see what she accomplishes whilst she's away, but I'll always be super jealous of what she's doing. We both signed up for Camp America back in 2011, after a few knock-backs we both gave in on that summer, she's continued to apply every year since and this year she's finally going. I almost applied this year too but due to commitments and travel anxiety, it's another year I won't be doing it. Travelling America is something I've wanted to do since I was younger and every opportunity falls through or I back out, maybe I'm scared of the disappointment, that it won't be as magical as I've always imagined it would be. Either way, I hope that my dreams come true one day, all I want is for me to be seeing said dreams come true with Tom (I know cheesy, urgh. But true). It's late Saturday evening and I'm reflecting on life, so everything feels a whole lots sadder during these times, but I can't wait to hear her stories when she comes home! With her leaving us for three months we went out on Friday night to celebrate, what was meant to be a 2 hour dinner turns into a 6 hour pub crawl. While I'm not regretting those decision, my head is still pounding and I still feeling fragile at 11:34pm on Saturday evening. So I decided to share my sad-hangover face with you, you know for the LOL's. 
And finally, remember last week when I mentioned a change in hair colour? Well as you guessed, I DID IT! Still really undecided as to whether it was the right decision and worried I'll loose the silver/grey style for good, I do kind of love the pink. It's a deeper colour at the roots and fades near the ends, which I wish was a little lighter but it'll fade naturally soon enough. I'm obsessed with experimenting with my hair, in the past I've dip-dyed my hair crazy colours but I've never gone this extreme and I'm so proud of myself to doing that. 
I best get to bed now, it's getting late. I'm still hungover and I've got work at 9am. So I'm going to get into bed and watch a sneaky episode of Once Upon A Time before I nod off. Have a fab Sunday all. 

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