Sunday Summary #7 : Being Adventurous


Sunday Summary #7

Happy Sunday everyone. Last week I didn't have enough time to write up this post, so I'm going to combine both weeks into one, so this could get lengthy...

Last weekend was one of my best work pals birthday, a few of us headed to Go Ape to celebrate. I have never been more petrified yet stupidly excited for a day out, I've always wanted to go Go Ape, but I've never had the opportunity before. We headed to Cannock Chase and started our adventure, I'm pretty nervous when it comes to heights especially combined with my fear of falling, so trusting myself to connect myself correctly to the zip lines throughout the whole trail was testing. Thankfully it becomes an easy routine and I completed the course with only a few freak outs. Having the instructors watching you from the ground and laughing at your freak out was a little embarrassing. Once we'd finished we headed back for food before heading into town for a night out. While I felt so adventurous, my muscles and joints weren't much so I struggled to walk until Wednesday, ouch.
During the week I also treated my dad to a cinema trip, it's something we haven't been able to do since he's been back at work. Whilst I'd already seen X-men I took him to watch it for his extra Fathers Day present. Embarrassingly I took a little snooze in the middle of the film, but I'd been at work during the day and I was a little worn out. It's simple moments like cinema trips I really enjoy, just because I pay for everything and they enjoy being treated. This week I also finished watching Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black and NO SPOILERS - but I'm just shocked and a little heart broken with how they ended it. I always think us fans of OITNB are over-exaggerating when we get so excited for the seasons to be released and then they just grip you in and leave you a little broken by the last episode.
I stayed up late one evening and played around with my makeup and created the PRIDE/ rainbow eyeshadow look, I never thought I'd be able to create such a bright and colourful look, all that blending and finding the appropriate colours in my collection - but I managed it! In fact it excited me so much I recreated the look the following morning and the post with this look is going live, tomorrow!
A few weeks back I picked up some cactus & succulants to create my own terrarium. And I've still not found the perfect way of planting them and they've just been waiting around since, until yesterday morning I came across an old candle jar which had a little wax left. I removed and cleaned the jar, used some glass bits from IKEA and made a mini terrarium. Whilst it's not perfect and I've still got a few more plants to use, I'm really happy that I did a little DIY and will probably use this one as a prop for my blog photography.
This week has been a confidence booster when it comes to my blog, I've noticed a really improvement within my photography and my content. After some encouragement over twitter I've been working on some Blogging Tips post which will be coming throughout July. I've also purchased the most adorable gift to host a giveaway, so keep an eye out for that post. I've also been completely overwhelmed with love from the blogging community; so I want to share some love back:

Emily Jayne - was a gem this week! After I broke my fav mug which I picked up on my trip to Disneyland Paris, Emily tried to help me find a way of replacing it. So many other girls then looked online and helped me find it online, whilst it's a little expensive to replace that way, I'm so so happy that everyone helped me out. Also Emily recently went to Disneyland and has taken the most beautiful photos, here. Thanks again Emily.
Sam Griff - During a twitter chat last week, I mentioned how the first blogger I really got to know was Sam at my very first blogger meet. It wasn't until Sam shared this photo that I was shocked to realise it's been two years since I met her. Time has flown by and I'm so grateful to have made a blogger friend like Sam. We seriously need to go out for that catch up & shopping trip soon?

Kayla - Another reason I was feeling the love within the blogging community this week was because of Kayla, she mentioned myself a few other bloggers in a tweet saying how we we're motivating her blogging, and my heart did a little flutter. It sounds crazy but I never think about how my blogging could encourage another person & just that little mention really did make my day, so go check out this beauties blog!
And that's this Sundays Summary! I just want to be a little soppy and thank everyone who reads my blog, I'm really grateful for every follower, everyone who comments and everyone who keeps me running this little website. Seriously, I love ya all! 


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  1. I love this post!
    Such a great idea to do a weekly summary!

    I especially love that makeup look you created! It makes me really want to perfect my eyeshadow blending skills haha!

    Lovely blogpost again!
    Francesca 💜


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