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Back in January I shared 50 blogs you needed to read, filled with firm favourites and recent finds. Over the months my reading list has shrunk, not to any hatred on bloggers - oh god no! More finding time, I think we can all agree it's tough sometimes and so when I can I'll read as many of my favourite bloggers as possible. While some of these blogs were included in my previous post, I wanted to mention a little reason why I love each blog. 
If I've mentioned you, just know I love you! 

Sarah In Wonderland
If we share the same name, I usually have a little soft spot for you already, but I swear Sarah has just been a gem to me since I started talking to her, she's there to cheer me up & whenever I need a good moan. It's my aim to meet you soon, okay Sarah? I'm so proud of her and glad to call her one of my blogging friends. This year she made the brave decision to change her name & she did it for reasons she explains, here. 

Alice Rose
I've been following Alice for a short time, and as a recent follower I'm loving her posts. We've been chatting a little on twitter and I love her personality, Alice we definitely need to chat a little more! Her photography is beautiful and she mixes beauty, lifestyle and food; so much variety in one blog. She also uploads to youtube and some of her latest vlogs are room tours of her new home, I'm a sucker for youtube and finding new people to watch. Alice recently celebrated her birthday & she shared what she got, here

Emilina Love
Who knew I'd get to know a girl from Birmingham, find out I know her sister but she's currently living in Australia. Emily is the most beautiful girl, like I'm in love with her face! We chat plenty online but I wish it was more and more. Her photography is amazing - the views on her travels are amazing and her fashion sense -it's to die for! I hope when you're back in the UK miss we can meet up. One of her recent and my favourite post is, here. 

White Daises Blue Jeans
I ADORE Kayleigh, like 1000%. I THINK we started chatting through a Twitter chat & we've hardly stopped since. I'm so happy this girly came into my life, now if only she lived a little closer and we could do that shopping & cocktails - although Manchester ain't to hard to find by train! She shares some beautiful outfit posts & her figure is just *heart-eyed emojis*. Plus if you know me well, I'm a huge sucker for nostalgia & Kayleigh recently uploaded a post all about 90s/00s music and well, I love it. Read it, here

Pale Girl Reviews
I love this blog & I love this girl! Laura actually inspired my Olsen Twin DVD purchases, it's crazy how nostalgic conversations can bring people close together - actually that's no surprise with me. Laura has shown me so much support to my blog lately and has kept me going, I can't thank you enough lovely. In her recent post she shared some recent film she's watch and from that I can see we'd get along perfectly, here.

Kayleigh Zara
Another girl I've become really connected to thanks to Twitter has been -another- Kayleigh. She's been crazy supportive of me and my blog lately and I can't thank her enough for that but it's time I returned the favour. Kayleigh shares such a great mix of blog content, beauty - skin care, lifestyle and so much more, her latest post shares the essentials for starting a bullet journal, here.

The Belle Jar
Are you a fan of Disney? Yep, of course you are. Make sure you're following Sam's blog then, it's filled with the perfect amount of Disney posts with beauty posts. Sam also created the #disneybloggerschat on twitter so be sure to check that out! I've connected with Sam through this chat, she's the sweetest girl and I can't wait to get to know her a little more. Her recent post she shares 20 disney facts and it's inspired me to write something similar. Read Sam's post, here

Why Not Blog 
It's been a recent find of Megan's blog and I'm so glad I came across it, it's so well written and pretty amazing, and so is Megan. She's been so welcoming from the moment we started chatting and I really hope we can form a great friendship from this. Megan also lives pretty close to me, so I'm hoping for a bloggers shopping trip soon? I've been considering re-joining the gym soon and her post about gym bag essentials comes in perfect timing, here.

Emmy's Beauty Cave
You may all be aware of my love for Emmy, we've bonded over many things over this past year and I've spoken about her frequently. She's like the queen of makeup products and the first person I think of when I want to test out a new beauty product. She write mainly about beauty, but she mixed her love for Disney, alongside blogging tips & lifestyle posts. I've loved her blog for a while, but I'm not lying when I say turn to Emmy for beauty posts, because you'll LOVE her latest post, here. 

Sarah Smiles Blog
I've been reading Sarah's blog for a couple of years now and each time I read it, I fall in love a little more, that being said, I do need to visit her page more often! Sarah's always sharing such a positive outlook on life and we need more of that, I know I certainly do! Her photography & blog is simply gorgeous too, one of my favourite posts is this one, here.

All Things Beautiful
Jessie, oh this girl! I adore her & her blog. It's an amazing feeling to make friends through blogging, it's such a crazy concept which you don't understand until it happens. Due to distance it's a little tough for us to meet, 2016 was the year we made those plans but Jessie is being the smart-egg that she is and working on her Masters Degree and I couldn't be more proud. She's continue to share some beautiful outfits and fabulous makeup reviews. Keep at it girl!! By the way, her outfits are those to be envious of, her latest OOTD is gorgeous, here.
Love, Emily Jayne
I stumbled across Emily's blog through a twitter chat, I think! We hit it off pretty much right away and I'm so grateful I did, she's got such a kind heart and well she loves Disney, so she's my perfect match. She recently went to DLP and you all know my love for that place, she posted about her trip, here.   

Katrina Frances
I've seen Kat's blog for the majority of my time blogging and at the beginning of this year I found out we actually have a mutual friend - her boyfriend. I work with her boyfriend & from the moment I found out I like to think we've become good friends. We're yet to have a film day together, which needs to change soon, okay! Katrina recently shared some beautiful makeup looks with the new UD Alice in Wonderland palette, here.

Dainty Dweeb
Ever just come across a person who just constantly makes you smile? Kayla is that person. She's always around for a little uplifting word and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Our tastes are pretty similar too as this wishlist, is everything I'd love to pick up soon, here.

Life Of A Thinker
Oh Liam, where do I start with this kid? If you're pretty interactive on twitter, then I won't be suprised if you've spoken with Liam from time to time. Never did I think I'd find a lad friend through blogging & I'm so glad it's Liam. He always around when I need a good chat & he knows me pretty well by now. His blog is a little different to my usual reads - no makeup on life of a thinker - but I love his music, films & book reviews. He recently reviews Carrie Hope Fletcher's first novel & it's gotten me so excited to pick up the book, here.

Mermaid In Disguise
It's safe to say I've been following Beth for the last 3 years I've been blogging, she writes such a down to earth and great blog, which deserve so much love. Beth is also so lovely and my gosh so bloody gorgeous! And I've loved getting to know her these last few years and I hope that continues. Beth recently shared her, outfit post fails & I love her realism about blogging, post here.

Carpe Diem Emmie
I've always loved finding bloggers who're local, shout out if you're from the West Midlands?! Only a few months ago Emmie told me she lived close and we've been planning to meet up for shopping & coffee ever since...the reason we haven't is because I'm the worst at finding the time between work. Since reading Carpe Diem Emmie, I've really become more invested in not only reading more lifestyle blogs but involving that into my own writing and I couldn't be more grateful for that inspiration, Emmie thanks for becoming such a wonderful friend, I can't wait to meet you. I've been needing to find time to learn to drive soon & this post has inspired that, here.

Arora Appleby
Another beautiful person I've met from this wonderful world of blogging, not only does Arora keep me motivated through her kind words and the motivation she has for her blog, but she's so damn kind-hearted and is usually around to pop a smile back on my face when I'm having a bad day. Arora recently shared a little more about herself & I love getting to know the person behind the blog, get to know her, here.

Thrifty Vintage Fashion
If you're ever looking for a true and honest blog, Nicole is your girl! She's so open about her life, her thoughts and helping others by sharing the thing's she's going through. I stumbled across Nicoles blog through twitter & she's such a wonderful girl. My favourite post was her letter to her future self, not saying I cried but I think my eyes filled a little, read it here.

Writing, Rambling
Sarah's a recent blog find, we've recently started following each other online and I couldn't leave this post without leaving a word about her, this wonderful lady continues to spread love to every blogger online and I adore her positivity and she certainly makes me smile every time we get talking. Sarah continues to spread this love throughout her blog too, where she write a series called 'meet the blogger'. Us blogging girls are pretty obsessed when it comes to IKEA & Sarah recently shared a post about her very first trip, here.

I'm Not Hungover
This girl is just, wonderful. she's so kind hearted and always around to make me smile, Roz let's chat more and more, because as you told me the other day, we live a little closer to each other than I thought, so shopping & some cocktails (with our cheesy playlist) should definitely be on the cards soon? Just like many of these bloggers a truly honest blog, the honesty inspires me to continue sharing bits and bobs of my life, when a few months ago I'd focus purely on beauty posts. She's recently started a new venture with other bloggers with the possibility of travelling, check it out here. 

I'm head over heels with each person mention in today's post, I hope you know that even if I don't leave comments as often as I'd like, I love to pop by you blog as much as I can..and let me tell you, I love a good binge read if I've not had the time to read for a week or two. If these bloggers are new to you, please take the time to have a little read of their content and fall in love with them as I have! 

I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read, so I'd love if you left a link to your fav bloggers? 



  1. We have so many of the same favourite blogs! But there are some on your list I haven't been over to yet and I love finding new ones to add to the reading list :) posts like this are some of my favourites - it's so lovely to share a bit of the love when you can!

    Rebecca xx
    - www.thestyleshake.com -

  2. You babe! Thank you so much :) we have definitely bonded, I'm so glad we speak and can't wait to meet you!

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  3. I used to blog and I quit. I didn't have enough self confidence to share it with anyone. However, after talking to quite a few of you on here I Wish I hadn't stopped blogging.

    Either way I get to talk to you all on Twitter. Some more than others. You are all become great online friends that I look forward to talking to every day.

    💙 Suzee


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